The money is in the list. true or false? the answer is TRUE but that brings another question why? or how? before i answer the two questions, how many of us bloggers bloggers use this strategy or perhaps how many of us have a subscription links and email pop ups on our blogs? i guess your answer varies but for those who are asking what is this list? what does it do? where can one find it? don’t worry that is why you are lucky to be on this post.

Now the popular money list  is simply your market, think of it from this perspective you own a store normally you open your store in the morning and sit expecting for visitors to come, why am using expecting is because you are never sure, but when you have a customer base who like your product its not easy for them to know if you have a new product out, in the recent past Samsung launched Galaxy S6, HTC one M9 was launched  too and a few months ago Apple launched Iphone6 and 6 plus, why am i talking about phones? that is not the point, my point is without this programs having been launched who would have known about them? very few people would but the products were launched for the customers to know there is a new product which they might like, in this case the customers who have interests in the above brand are the list and that list is where the money is.

Let us go back to blogging, in this industry when starting you have no list so getting your product out there is almost impossible but if you had this money list that would be pretty much simple, i really hope you are getting this concept.The email subscription links and email pop up windows you see on blogs that you read and many other successful blogs is aimed at getting potential customers by letting them subscribe to your blog or website and get updates on their email for more tips or otherwise new products.

A blogger who understand this MUST have email subscription option on their blogs, so how do you use this information, you will notice that people who subscribe to your email are people who are most interested so this automatically makes them potential customers , with these potential customers whenever you have a new product you can now go ahead and send that email to your money list notifying them about the new product, this way you are sure at least a three quarter of your list will convert unlike just putting your product on your site and hoping that people will find your product and that is why email marketing is very effective today.

Developing a money list  is quite simple strategy.However, some people i will call them spammers they purchase email list and spam their products to your email when its very clear that you did not subscribe to their email, i discourage this practice because it DOES not work, you cannot send information about mining to someone who is interested in fishing, its just a waste of time, effective money list is the list you create own your own takes time but very reliable once you have developed a substantial number of money list.If you like this article kindly share and if you would like to become a Pro subscribe to this blog and get relevant material that will get you to the next level.let me know what you think about money list.