pexels-photo-76942-mediumWhy do we need e-books in this age? while some will agree that most information is found online but is that always the case? we all  know that information is POWER this means that those who possess information have power over those who haven’t had access to one information or another.So you still  believe that all information is available online? my answer is yes and No but before i come to that lets look at the history of books.

Books started to be printed long time ago for which reason? the reason is to provide information about a specific subject to make people aware of certain issues that affect our daily lives in this world and information about our world.Books are a documentation of past  events or stories both natural and man made, The popular books include religious books such as Bible and Koran. These books tell stories about religion an from where we base our religious affiliations from, Truth is without the existent of these books religion may never have existed.There are also books that help us understand how things work All these books have one aim which is to help us as humans deal with situations and help us tackle problems that  we face.

Take an example of academic, In this Age one is considered uneducated if you are not privileged to attend an academic institution, Education is so valuable that for us to be able to survive in this age you need to learn a few things here and there, Schools have a curriculum where each stage you have key books that you are supposed to learn and get tested to proceed to another level, this is not some form of torture but a way to increase the way we reason and acquire knowledge so that we may continue to better our lives.

However, without education you can still make it in life but its more difficult that one who has gone through an education system. With the knowledge taught in schools  the world has achieved a big milestone and the results is seen from past and present life we didn’t have mobile Phones,Planes,Cars,buildings,Roads,Railway lines, Ships, Computers, Software, Modern ways of doing business, Medicine to heal us when we are sick and now we understand our world better than before.

The process of acquiring knowledge has never stopped and in our age  you will realize that the cost of getting education is getting high each year and to get a good eduction you need to attend a good institution and not just that to gain knowledge on some fields to become experts is even more expensive, lets now go back to my question whether the information provided online can match the expert skills one would need? i answered yes and no, why i said yes is because online you can find almost any information, there are tutorials on almost any subject and that’s the reason why my answer is yes.

The reason why i said know is that just like in our society we all go through eduction but some people are fortunate enough to have high quality eduction and to get this kind of information you have to pay more to get quality, an Engineering class is more expensive than a hospitality course and for this reason i assure you that not all information is available freely online too can provide the same knowledge and that’s why  since the introduction of the internet people are now offering education services online some for free some at a fee, if you want to go for the best  choose quality and quality. You can learn from home and work from home in this age from a computer and a good network and you could make millions of dollars than you would have probably  made offline.

The advantages of  learning and working at home are so many and even cheaper all you need is know how to use a computer, there are free materials at your disposal as well as cheap eBooks from all subjects that might interests you and you are not limited to one but you can diversify into many subjects learn at your own time and become a master.You can also add knowledge on your area of expertise that could help you offline too.Now how about having all resources you need in one place i recommend that you check some of these amazing variety of ebooks
that may change your lives and achieve your financial goals and among them novels from best writers  make your choice today and you also have the authority to share this article and help someone else out there.