When you are satisfied that you have enough content on your site and you are getting enough traffic not to suggest that their is a specific number that you must have, it doesn’t really matter how much content you have, you could have few content on your site that generates quite significant traffic and you can still monetize your content.

We are however, looking at how you can implement  ad code on your blog or site. So once you have applied for an adSense Account to start monetizing your site normally you will receive an email from adsense a few hours after you register  to inform you that your application has been received and its subject to review.

Once you have received email from adsense you will then log in to your adSense  account you will b able to see a red bar at the top this means that you now need to implement your ad code and place it on your site for the review process to continue for approval or disapproval.

Implementing the ad code is very simple once on your adSense account, you can see at the top categories starting with Home, My ads, Allow & block ads, Performance reports.

Click on my ads a window will open, Since your creating for content and its your first time you will see (+ new ad unit) button click on it and  now you will be provided with option to fill including your name,ad size that you want, select ad type that you want however it is recommended you display both text and display ads.

There is also an option to choose the style for your ad text and custom channel to track your ad unit, you can then choose what to show if adSense has no targeted ads. After you have done all this click on save and get your ad code, this code is the one you will use to add to your site,and there are 3 ways to add adsense on your blogger  for your ads to be in action on your blog remember your ads will show but once your account is approved is when they will become active, if you have any questions kindly let me assist you in the comment section.