Are you a blogger? do you own a website? how often do you publish great interesting content on your site?, is that content relevant to other people, Do you get paid for it? have you ever thought of monetizing your site? if you relate to this then this post id for you.

How About knowing that you can monetize your blog for the content that you publish, Adsense is the number one method of monetizing sites online, about 3 out of 4 people today use Adsense as a way to monetize their site and you can too.

Adsense works by applying to have ads placed on your site and make money through impressions and page views. It is very easy to place ads on your site, once you have content on your site and getting huge traffic you then apply to monetize your site. Approval by Adsense requires you to follow Adsense regulations and fulfill there requirements and that is it.

How to add Adsense Gadgets in your site is very simple;

Log in to your site and on the dashboard of the blog you want to monetize

Click on layout, a window will open up

Click on add Gadget another window opens

Scroll down an add Adsense to your blog/site

Click save and you are done Adsense will begin to show but it will only be active if your account has been approved.