Many people i included really never take time to understand AdSense policies and you will find that most of the people whose accounts are disapproved chances are they they never even looked at the policies, we sometimes feel that some practices are allowed but not really every game has its own rules and to play a game you need to be conversant with the rules of the game.

When monetizing your content if your site is approved you will be required to follow certain practices otherwise you will be in violation of policies and could lead to cancellation of your account. For this reason i   thought it wise to bring this policies to you as a newbie so that you follow what is supposed to be right.

The first and common mistake people make is that  they click their own ads and even encourage their friends to click ads on their site, this is a very wrong approach and its in violation of adsense policies, if you also accidentally click on your sites ads you will be in violation, no one time you should do the above to ensure you don’t do make this mistakes avoid placing buttons and navigation links close to the ads.

One should not advice their users or redirect them by asking that they click the Ads, the process of  clicking ads on your site by users should be natural and not requested or directed.

You should not in any way put misleading information that redirects your readers to click your ads either by asking them to promote your site or find resourceful information with the intention of having them click your ads.

Aligning images  with your ads to lead users of your site in clicking your ads is not allowed by this policies, this is though placing an image of a sport car together with a motor vehicle ads, this should not be condoned.

You should also not place ads so that when your site opens up its only the ads that appear and not the content  for your site, including offering freebies in return for clicks from your users.

For gaming sites you are supposed to place your ads some distance from the game, to avoid careless clicking of ads.

You are required to place three ad units, three links and two search boxes and other rules that work together with and even so for some placing three ad unit is making the site congested.