When trying to maximize the performance of your ads after you decide to monetize your content its important that you consider the user experience of your visitors and follow adSense program policies and guidelines in order to make more out of your ads.

You need to learn your target audience and understand what they  are looking for in your site of page, does your content capture their attention? are your ads going to affect the content on your page,your page should seduce your readers looking neat and well arranged to sooth the needs of your readers.

If you have other ads on your page its important that those ads be in line with what your content is about that way it ads value to your readers to make them want to click on the ads on your site. Ad placement practices will work only when you think like a visitor to your own site, doing this will make your your visitors come back very often.

Best ad placement practices requires that you place your content next to your content either on the left or right, placing an ad between the content also works well and will maximize your performance in the long run.

Your ads should look like ads the colors on your blog should not in any way confuse the user of your site, make them seen including naming them for what they are everybody knows they are advertisement, this works well when your content relates to your advertisement, if you offer ads that are not related in any way with your content it would not have much effect to the user unless its captivating, and if it is so attractive then the user wont read your content and will go ahead click the ads in this case you will end up missing visitors who would have come back   for the great content that you provide on your site.

Google adSense allows you to place three ad units and three links you can use other unrelated ads from other site that go hand in hand with adSense however they should not look as if there are only ads yet you are monetizing for content.

After placing your ads its also advisable that you preview your site as a newbie and try to find the experience a new visitor will have when viewing your site, let me know how you place your ads and how best their performance works for them.