Affiliate marketing seems to be taking over and providing bloggers and other publishers a source of making passive online income, this could be in form or residual income which means you will be making money in your sleep,sounds quite appealing but most people find it complicated. However, worry no more just hung on as i make it as simple as alphabetical letters.

First what is Affiliate marketing? we have tackled this before in our marketing strategies and ways to monetize your content but for your sake i will make it more easy for you, Affiliate marketing is where by a company that manufactures or otherwise sale products asks publishers to sign up on their site, once signed up you are given lessons on marketing and then given promotional tools which have a code that is specific to you so that when you promote there products and make a sale you earn a commission out of it.

Many companies prefer to use this form of marketing to boost their sales, both you as an Affiliate and the company benefit as you earn commissions as the Affiliate company increase their sales.This method of marketing is one like no other you as an Affiliate marketer can refer another person to be an Affiliate marketer and this other person becomes your referral this means that you earn from all there activities and not just that you in the event that they become active and enroll other referrals under them you still benefit up to 12 levels for most Affiliate programs.

What have you noticed here? i will give you the secret, from your Affiliate marketing you can make unlimited sums of money all the Money that you make is solely depending on your efforts.

By now you must be asking how much money one can really make from this method of making money passively online,well you can make what you can achieve i know of marketers who make $200,000 a month just selling products which he has never owned but through the use of an Affiliate program yes its very possible, One of my peers told me when i began two years ago that in this business you have to be smart and learn the market and use the provided resources that other marketers use.
The most important thing you should put in mind is that once you enroll to an Affiliate program you are put under a mentor in most cases its the person who has been in the system longer than you, why is this a catch? it is because this mentor is above you and your efforts will benefit him or her so be assured that they will offer you tools that work for them and this means you use methods that work and it only need your effort to make money to me this sounds like free money don’t you think so too?.

To be successful in Affiliate marketing you need first to learn the system you are enrolled to why? you need to know it works, in the beginning of this post i mentioned bloggers and publishers why did i do so?i knew you were smart and you would know publishers and bloggers have a huge fan base,this will create a sales funnel for you, picture a game of football which has huge following that during world cup or major games people all over the world will be glued to televisions and other sources to watch a game, if you advertise a product on such a game you will be sure to make sales and that is why as an affiliate marketer you need a sales funnel and that is why publishers and bloggers come in.

One can make sales by just posting their affiliate links on social media and other forums but you wont convert many sales as one who uses a blog or a website or promotes through websites that have huge following. Sell products that are related to what you are publishing or blogging, this will increase your sales.
Learn marketing trends and use methods that work for you and avoid wasting money on methods that do not produce results.

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