pexels-photo-12627-mediumWho are readers, and why are they important to your blog or website? the same question could be paraphrased  to what are the reasons as to why you publish your blog? I know people who write blogs to provide some information,to solve a problem, to entertain their readers or just to connect with like minded people in the same niche that they blog about. Apart from these reasons do you have another reason as to why you write your blog?

What makes your blog readers important to you? this is why, readership in your blog are important because they help you measure the value of your blog and how relevant your blog is to other readers, your blog readership will help clarify the general performance of your blog. How do you engage your readers to make them active and benefit from the information that you share on your blog?. If you have no idea hang on you are in the right place, you have no readership you engage with about your content follow the steps that am going to provide and see to it that you engage your readers for a successful blogging brand.

The first thing to do is to build traffic if your blog does not get enough traffic then its obvious that you will not get people who comment your blog posts, increasing traffic involves improving the SEO of your blog, building quality backlinks which take time to build and promoting your blog so that its easy to be found by your target audience until then is when you will see readers commenting on your posts.

Create original insightful content, if your content is bogus no one will make time for, its very important to right great content that will make users of your blog that is your readership to want to ask questions or give a compliment and even add more ideas to your blog.

Having mentioned above that great content will make readers engage with your content but its also important to ask questions  within your post, frame your question about how readers find the content of the post, ask readers to add insightful points you might have left out,make your readers to feel assured that they can ask questions about what they feel is not clarified, this goes ahead to show readers that you value them and their views are welcomed as it builds a good rapport between you as a publisher and your readers, this then builds trust and readers will come back for more info on and on.

Since you offer your readers the privilege to engage with you its only necessary that you respond to your readership, when your readers ask questions, add great thoughts and even correct your post you as a publisher should reply to their questions or acknowledge their thoughts by responding to each comment on your post and this will engage your readers more and make them more active.

If you know of any other relevant content about the same topic you are writing about put a link for your readers to find that information as an added value to your post again this shows that you care about them and they will build trust around you and improves the chances of them engaging with your content.One can also comment on other blogs with insightful thoughts about the subject in discussion and based on how important your comment is readers will start to read your posts and engage by commenting on your post as well.Try this methods and see your blog grow feel free to let me know how this post has helped you, share if you like this post.