Blogging is an art and that makes a blogger an artist, there are many forms of art though and each form has its own requirement.However, there are basic tools for every blogger without these common tools its very hard to be a blogger and for that matter a successful blogger. Being a blogger is easy and hard at the same time and it all depends on a blogger as an individual and not even the easiest niche can make you a successful blogger.

According to my research as a network  marketer and a blogger, Its easier as a blogger when you know the destination and you have no idea how the journey will be. Let me simplify what i mean by this as a blogger you have to see the ultimate goal before you even start your blog just as in a game of football all the players know where the goal is but it takes running, passing, tackles and skills to score a goal. You as a blogger need to see the ultimate goal of your idea.

The will to start a blog comes with passion, interest or knowledge about something with an intention of achieving an objective hence this motivation will then lead to creation of time to write blog post for your blog and many bloggers will agree that time is  one of the important tools when it comes to blogging, you will need time to research on topics that you are about to write so as to come up with great content that your readership will appreciate.

Once you are sure you can create blog that will achieve its final results then you need to have the physical tools of trade which is first you need to have a personal computer, without a personal computer you can not bring your idea into life its going to be very hard even to borrow or use a cyber cafe,ensure that you have a reliable internet connection.this is kind of obvious but i will still say for the sake of newbies, blogs are listed in the online world and without a data program this dream is invalid.

A blogger should  have material to do their research perhaps access to a library, however one can do research online but as a blogger you should right original content and not copy someone else work.then you can look for a blogging platform as you know there are free and  paid blogging platform but relatively quite cheap. Choose a domain name that suits your blogging niche and easy for your users to find when looking for information around the subject of your blog.