Are you starting to blog? have you been blogging but almost giving up? do you you feel you have fulfilled what it takes to blog but you are not getting results or not even close to your ultimate goal?  if you have been blogging for a while and you are not getting what you are after you must be relating to the title of this post but is it?

Lets find out first what blogging means, for many people including me blogging is an art where you come up with content based on a specific subject matter that is intended to answer questions that your target audience have or information that could increase the understanding of the subject in question. So you start a blog today you post your content then what?

From our definition of what a blog is about in the above paragraph there is a mention about audience so after writing and publishing a blog post you will expect your audience to come to your site and in large numbers right? i knew you would agree to this but is it that easy as just starting a blog, publishing and boom visitors start running to your blog? the answer is No blogging is a rocket science there are steps in blogging apart from just posting content and expecting readers to start coming to your site.

The fundamentals of blogging rocket science is that you MUST find an existing niche to start blogging about, this could be already tackled topic or a totally new subject but remember there has to be readers who seek the information you want to provide them, find out what this niche want by placing yourself in their shoes and and ask yourself questions they would want to ask then answer those questions in form of posts on your blog.

The information that you intent to provide has to be of great quality, unique and rich in content make your target audience feel that they have come to the right place and they have to search no more.

Learn how Search engine optimization works, how you are supposed to frame your titles to appear in search engine when a user searches a keyword that is related to your content, make sure the points manifests in your content frequently, Understand how to link content both internally and external links, Create quality backlinks that point back to your information.

Most importantly after learning all the above skills as a blogger promoting your blog will be the engine of your blog, I have talked so  often about how big companies like Apple and Samsung promote their products yet they are companies known worldwide, the same way with your blog your readers need to know that your blog exists and there are so many ways of promoting your blog from paid traffic to using social media and many other tools mentioned in my previous posts about marketing strategies, All this process is what i refer as the rocket science of blogging.

Now you have no worries all you need to do is just perform all the above process and this is not a days job as its a continuous process and over time you will surely achieve your ultimate goals and be guaranteed following the above process you can never go wrong. Revisit your strategy today and become the successful blogger you have always wanted to be, Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or post a comment below, you can also share this post to your peers,All the best in your career as a blogger.