Gone are the days where only models used to market products. Due to the advancement in technology, the social platforms have become the center stage for reaching consumers. In the recent past, statistics have indicated that many consumers are purchasing goods and services based on what they see on social media platforms. Since many individuals nowadays have access to smartphones and are enrolled in a number of social media platforms, it has completely disrupted the traditional forms of marketing. This shift in online marketing has forced companies to adapt to the new way of doing things. Social media marketing is more effective than banner ads which make multinational companies to seek the services of these influencers. As a result most are beginning to realize that traditional forms of marketing using televisions and magazines are less effective in reaching the consumer.

Studies indicate that consumers have developed a strong trust to their influencers in social media including, comedians, musicians and bloggers. Social media sites are all about hype and when influencers promote products to their following then most consumers are likely to go for the product. Influencers promote different kind of products such as jewelry, clothing and food. In these social media sites, you will find users capitalizing on trending events in order to use them into driving traffic to a certain product. Many entertainers and huge brands have adapted and invested in the social media managers to run their companies brand online so as to get feedback from their consumers in order to come up with products which are best suited for the needs of their consumers.

Affiliate marketing has really advanced and companies can now easily track their sales from social media sites. Promoting affiliate marketing site has become easier for the fact that through social media influencers one can generate referrals faster than before. There are many social media sites belonging to people than there are those of companies. Most people are now engaging with each other on various social media platform where the Influencers have mastered the art or luring their followers into joining trends that promotes a particular product.

Influencers have since positioned themselves in the market of advertising and continue to grow the market share on a daily basis as long as social media platforms existed. In addition, not only promote products but can be a force or movement that is either against something or for a particular agenda. The influencers have championed various campaigns such as the campaign against attacks on French magazine Charlie Hebdo and #bring back our girls after an attack on a female school in Nigeria where 200 girls were captured by Boko Haram.  Social media has become a great tool in setting the trend for various products in the market with the increasing number of online subscribers each year implies that the potential reach if social has not been realized yet.