Facebook is the biggest social media platform and marketers simply cannot afford to ignore the advantages Facebook has to their businesses. Facebook enjoys over 1 billion daily users which makes it very effective for marketers to reach targeted users. Facebook has many advantages to online marketers as it offers numerous opportunities such as targeted system, using texts, images, videos among other dynamic products. It also helps one to create a sales funnel through the use of custom audience.

In order to ensure that Facebook marketing campaign is on point and will engage targeted users, one has to consider all the factors that make up a good marketing campaign.  You need to make sure that your Facebook advertisement is offering a solution to your targeted market although your intention is to sell a particular product. Sales of product normally happen naturally after a strong rapport is established through creating an advertisement campaign that engages the readers. The simplest way is to explain to the prospective buyer how the product is going to help them.

Another important aspect when it comes to Facebook Advertising is the advert should be short and precise. The reader should understand what the advertisement is all about at a glance. Studies have indicated in the past that the fewer the characters on an advertisement, the higher the chances for the ad to engage more readers.

This is important since most Facebook users are distracted by several information on a single page. You should note that big blocks or capital letters are not appealing to readers and rarely captures attention of readers. Using a photo on your advertisement can be very effective as visual impression especially photos which are engaging produce better results than Facebook Advertisement without any pictures.

As much as your Facebook ad is targeted to new users, maintaining loyalty is important through increasing satisfaction among existing customers. To do this one has to constantly show gratitude to existing customers so that they can become loyal and purchase from your store frequently.

Also starting your Facebook advertisement with a question is very effective as it engages the readers into commenting and increase engagement which can be very good in boosting sales of a particular product. Using multi-product advertisement lets readers see variety of products on a single ad which is effective for conversion.

This method can be effective when one uses photo album instead of a single photo. As an online marketer who wants to increase sales, Facebook marketing carried out after considering the above tips will increase your conversion ten folds. If you haven’t been marketing on Facebook stop wasting time and take your business on another level today.