The world has changed and unless we adapt to technological advances we are planning for failure. Marketers who fail to see or ignore modern trends of marketing products end up losing a huge market share. Multinational companies have invested in social media as the best place to conduct market research and easily identify what the market demands. Traditional forms of marketing such as magazines, posters, billboards are no longer appealing to the advertisers which leave us with the most recent and very effective tool that some marketers have failed to use and regretted later.

Social media marketing is the most recent and modern trend of marketing, perhaps one may wonder why social media marketing. Today, the basic needs have shifted from food, shelter and clothing although it still is in some parts of developing nations. The majority of people require their phones to do daily activities such as making calls, chatting, sending a mail, photograph, documents movies and almost every aspect of life. People follow the things that they are interested in and by doing so they receive content based on their preference.

This way, marketers have realized that they can target prospective customers with almost certainty and this offers an opportunity for marketers to capitalize on through creating pages which will attract a huge fan base that is also prospective buyers list to market your products on the go. Websites, blogs, brands, celebrity profiles cannot afford to ignore the power of social media marketing. Social media Marketing works very well especially for bloggers and multinational brands since they use their social media platforms to educate their fan bases and by doing so the targeted audience respond positively towards the brand which reflects on the sales of products that the company is promoting.

In the recent past, studies have shown that incorporating content marketing in social media has the potential of increasing sales within a short period of time. Large corporations use content marketing to test how the market reacts to the products which will be translated in the final release and will be accepted without any drawbacks. Big companies such as Apple educate their clients on what they have advanced and added in their new gadgets that’s why they make huge sales within the first few days of opening sales.

Social Media marketing here reflects the real market where marketers promote content that sparks conversation and engages people into understanding the importance of products to them thus respond by purchasing the products because they understand the value of such gadgets. Social Media marketing helps marketers through content marketing to identify potential market for their products.  Marketers who ignore social media are preparing to extinct themselves because most people today go to social media platform to look for news which provides marketers with the opportunity to attract a particular group from the mass and promote their products to their prospective customers.

In addition, social media marketing has grown to be the fastest way to transmit information since its concept is that of a news feed and often people use hashtags to discuss a particular topic which marketers use to promote their products to a huge population. Even celebrities have realized the significance of using their social media platforms as their brands to promote their content. Through Social media marketing marketers are able to inform their customers on how to use their products for their own benefits.

Social media offers marketers a world platform to promote their products and unlike traditional forms of marketing which were found in specific locality only. Social media marketing offers marketers the power to promote content to every part of this world with a single post. However, a company has to create a huge following by either targeting prospective customers or offering value to your target market through offering freebies such as free downloadable content that provides information, tips how to and new technology.

This way the customers build a trust around your brand and whenever one promotes products, customers quickly make purchases because they believe they will get value in the products. Today, we have continued to become dependent of our smartphones such that it is almost impossible to live without them. This dependency to our smartphones has created an opportunity for marketers to promote products which has since given birth to affiliate marketing where products are promoted across the world for a commission in order to increase sales as well as fast income. Marketers through the power of social media platforms have realized the importance of social media marketing as the secret to create enormous wealth from large commissions paid in form of advertisement.