How to become a better blogger

Every one of you wants to become a better blogger someday but yet again we all start somewhere. A good blogger is not the one who knows everything but the blogger who seeks knowledge and is willing to understand for the purpose of growing his/her own blog. To become a better blogger there are several things that you need to do differently. To become a better blogger is not just to publish content consistently but to also ensure that you follow each and every statistics as it reflects the performance of your blog.

To become a better blogger is not just about publishing content regularly but to ensure that your readers get fresh content that will add value to their knowledge. To become a better blogger is to ensure that you get off your blog once in a while and make sure that you promote your blog and ensure that people are actually reading your blog. At, we believe that readers are leaders and to be able to lead we have to be learned, therefore, to become a better blogger you need to always have a keen eye and listen to various conversations, speeches ,read newspapers, watch a lot of movies, TV series and attending public events. By doing so, you are slowly building a culture of reading which makes you become a think tank with volumes of data. This skill will empower you come up with creative topics and write quality content because you already have enough literature on a particular topic.

To become a better blogger is to make your blogging career an adventure. You do not have to be working from one place but moving from one place to another makes one feel different everyday day which becomes something you would want to do since every experience is a different one. Since you want to become a better blogger you already know that a better blogger always knows what to publish tomorrow. This helps better bloggers to edit their content and publish from various places such as the airport, train, office, club and almost anywhere. Making your blogging experience an adventurous journey helps one become a better blogger.

To become a better blogger is to always remind yourself of the reason that first made you decide to blog. Sometimes our innermost drive is our greatest motivation, therefore, to become a better blogger is to always remind yourself the decision that made you decide to blog in order to keep you in focus and contemplate on what is expected. Becoming a better blogger does not mean you exclude yourself from others, becoming a better blogger is to manage your time effectively and knowing what you are supposed to be doing where and at what time. Becoming a better blogger is not about making excuses but sticking to a bloggers calendar. A bloggers calendar is the most important tool to manage a blogger. You do not wake up and just decide to publish a post. A better blogger plans when the posts go live and backed with reasons. The reason for having a bloggers calendar is that it enables you to stick to your publishing schedule at the same time lets you plan days ahead.

To become a better blogger is to be able to interact with your readership from the comment section on your blog. If you have been ignoring your readers when they comment or give valuable information, then it is high time that you go and acknowledge the opinions, comments, questions, and suggestions. To become a better blogger requires that you create a list of the topics that you have to publish to help you know the topics you have not yet tackled and those that you have so as not to write about a topic more than once on your blog.

Becoming a better blogger is to always have the interest of your readers at heart. Your readers are your blog as much as the blog is to them. A better blogger knows that he is supposed to build a credible reputation depending on the competitiveness of various niches. As a blogger, you need to learn what your audience is expecting and be able to deliver. To become a better blogger you need to network with people because blogging is closely related to marketing, therefore, you need to know how to interact with people on various social platforms. Lastly, love what you do although I have never come across someone who blogs and hated blogging…. tell us how you became a better blogger.