Making your images clickable is pretty much easy. Before I show you how to go about it, perhaps you should know why it is important to have clickable images on your site. Normally, what happens is people are more attracted to visual elements of a particular content and therefore images on your blog represent these visual elements. This implies that you as a blogger need to cease this opportunity and use it to convert easily by making your site user friendly through clickable images. Users of a particular site want to have easy access through the site without having to get lost or confused.  With clickable images on your posts, you are able to refer back to a landing page where you host your products or related content online.

So making images clickable on your blog posts involves very few steps:

The first step is to import the photo that you want to your editor in the post you are about to publish. NOTE: This photo is supposed to be related to whatever content you are redirecting your readers to because the purpose of making the image clickable in the first place is to redirect your users to your store or some landing page somewhere on the web.

After the photo has been imported you can then click on the image itself and then click insert/edit link as shown below.


A pop up window will then appear prompting you to insert a URL or link to an existing content on your blog. The first option that requires you to input a URL gives you the option to redirect the user to some content outside your blog while the second one will give you the option to redirect the user to one of your past blog posts as shown below.pop

After you have linked your image click save and then update your post or publish if the post is going live for the first time.

Your images should be clickable; now you can go and make your blog more appealing to your readers.