Many bloggers have not yet realized their full potential because they tend to rely more on driving traffic to their websites. As majority of bloggers are entangled with the idea of building traffic for their sites, successful bloggers are always busy working on converting their visitors into becoming subscribers to boost readership on their blogs.  A successful blogger is one who is interested more in readership by ensuring that their readers are always updated with the latest blog posts and news. One of the best ways that successful bloggers use is Email Newsletter. This is one way that will make sure that your readership is always updated with the latest information.

What is Email Newsletter?

An Email Newsletter is a link which is normally sent to subscribers email addresses. Whenever you subscribe to a blog, you are allowing the blogger to update you with the latest post and other resources. The Email Newsletter normally consists of a title and link to a particular blog post. Below is an example of how Newsletter appear on your email.


Email Newsletter is further classified into automated and manual email Newsletters. Automated Newsletters work by sending every post that you publish to your subscribers instantly after your post goes live. Many blogging platforms allow you to deliver Newsletters, crash courses on how to’s and other relevant content to your subscribers automatically through services such as AWeber. With AWeber you can schedule post according to your interests and you can have more than one Newsletter.  Manual email Newsletters work by specifically choosing a post and then sending it to all your subscribers. Most successful bloggers prefer using this option because it allows them to hand-pick quality content that will make subscribers open to read the content. Below is how your email Newsletter looks on a blog.


Email Newsletter allows you to update your subscribers with the latest information in the industry. It serves the same purpose as just updating your blog but in this case some readers may not be aware of the post that’s why email Newsletter comes in to ensure that your subscribers get the latest content.

Email Newsletters also helps to increase returning visitors because whenever a reader comes across a great content on your blog, the reader will be inclined to subscribe to your blog so as to receive future updates. As long as you publish quality content that sparks conversation and is beneficial to your readers they will always click on the newsletter to be redirected to the specific content on your blog.

Blogs are meant to target a specific group of people so as to attract readers. Email Newsletters allow bloggers to target a specific niche that is interested on the blog. What happens is as your blog grows traffic, there are those people who will be interested with the content of a particular blog and those constitute only the subscribers. It’s rather obvious that only the people who will subscribe to your blog are your target market. With a huge mailing list you can easily promote your products to a targeted niche that will translate positively in conversions as your target market is merely a list containing potential customers.

Newsletters are also effective in building reputation with your readers as it allows you to interact with them through informing them of a particular service that you intent to introduce to the site. People don’t like to hang around people who are always silent therefore just like people, your blog should be able to engage positively with your readers in order to build a good rapport that builds your credibility as well as reputation. Email Newsletter will help promote your blog whenever your subscribers share quality content that they think is important or informative because you have a good reputation.

Newsletters will also allow you to come up with a huge money list that will be significant in promoting affiliate programs which are related to your specific target market. Affiliate programs can help your blog make passive income from just promoting products through Email Newsletter. If you do not have an email subscription list, it is your time to start building your email list to send your Newsletter.