As a blogger, the first step is to ensure that your site is user friendly for your readership. There are several ways to make sure your blog user friendly such as organizing your articles based on categories and tags. Today we will learn how to customize your blog on WordPress so that it serves the purpose it is meant to achieve.

There are many benefits that come with customizing your blog; readers are often attracted to blogs that look attractive. If your blog does not appeal to your users then you may need to reorganize the structure through customizing to stop losing your readership. The simple way to make your blog appeal more to your users is through browsing successful blogs and websites to see how they are customized. This strategy will help you see common features that you lack and are critical for the growth of your blog. After you have made up your mind now you can begin customizing your WordPress blog.

There are few steps to customizing your blog to make it user friendly with your readership.

Step 1

The first step is to log in to your WordPress blog and click on My site which will take you to your dashboard. Once on your dashboard, click on Customize icon to customize your WordPress blog as shown in the image below.

step 1

Step 2

You will be redirected to your customizing page where you will change the structure of your site depending on preference to make your site interactive with your readership. As you can see in the image below, WordPress allows you to customize the design of your blog, Site Title, Tagline, Logo, Colors and Backgrounds, Fonts, Header Image, Menu, Widgets, Static Front Page and Featured Content.

step 2

Now that you know how to customize your blog on WordPress platform start making your readers fall in love with your site.