Every newbie blogger wants to become very successful in the future yet that very same future and success is always uncertain. Some people join blogging just because they want to make money and some people begin blogging to make a difference in their readership lives. Both these groups can end up becoming very successful since, it does not mean that if you are looking for money then you will probably not get it unless it is your passion or interests. In my opinion, the end justifies the means.

Why am I saying so?  This is because many people across the globe are currently working between several jobs not because it is their passion or interests but because somehow they have to pay bills and live a happy life. Notice that i am not also saying that passion is not a good thing; in fact, with passion and interest you are more likely to become successful simply because it is something that you love doing and that you are willing to take every necessary step in order to realize your own goals.

Therefore, if YOU need to become a successful blogger, there are several steps that YOU have to make so that you are guaranteed success. I am using YOU because it is only you who can ensure that your end is justified because no one else believes in the dream you have for your own blog other than yourself. So, make that decision whether you want to become a successful blogger on a particular niche or you do not wish to be a blogger at all. It is wise for you to make the decision before you even start blogging since you cannot afford to be trying when you are wasting valuable time that would otherwise be utilized on something else that you love doing.

After you have made the decision to become a successful blogger, the following factors should be considered carefully in order for you as a blogger to realize your goals of growing a successful blog that will change many lives.


Time is the most important thing that you as a blogger require to become very successful. Many bloggers hear about blogging as a career and the following day they already have their own blog but a few days, weeks, months later they quit. Some bloggers blog for a short period then stop only to begin at a later time. The reason why many people do this is because they had not yet considered the time aspect very carefully. One of the main characteristics of blogging is that you are required to publish content periodically. If you as a blogger cannot commit yourself to always creating time no matter what to always ensure that you blog, then you are destined for failure. The time in this case is not just to publish blogs consistently but also time to do extensive research on your topics so that you come up with rich content as well as time to write, edit and publish your post.

Target Niche

Target niche means the potential readers of a particular blog; some marketers refer to it as target market which simply means those people that your blog aims to influence positively through creating quality content for them. Choosing a target market largely plays a big role in the growth and success of your blog. The reason for choosing a target niche carefully being that some people focus on certain niches more than others. It is you therefore, to do yourself due diligence by conducting a good research that will help you choose the right target market that is not over crowded and hinder the success of your blogging career.


Readership is also as important as the other two because if you have no readership then it means that your blog is not serving its purpose. In order for you to get readership, you need to promote your blog which some bloggers like to refer as getting off your blog. Blogging is not just about posting quality content to your targeted niche but to also let people know that you exist. This is where marketing comes in handy and do not be scared you can easily learn basic effective marketing skills that are going to make people become aware that your blog exist and provides informative content.

The above three starter pack is the only decision that you need to consider before starting a blog. Other factors include, speed and appearance of your blog, webmaster tools to analyze the performance of your blog, creating your blogging calendar, consistency, building traffic on and off your blog.

Every step that you take each day to grow your blog is very significant as it draws your blog to stardom each day. Remember, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but a culture that is beneficial to not only you but your readers and help make the world a better place. Consider every step without being held back and i guarantee you that you will become very successful.