The first step to posting your first blog post is to log in to your blog using your email or username and your unique password.

log in

After you have access to the site click on “My Site” icon at the top left corner of your PC.

My site

Now  should be on your dashboard where you will see a drop down menu that normally begins with Stats, Plan, then Publish which gives you two options to post a blog post or pages by either clicking the icons or the add button as shown in the image below.


After you choose your option through clicking add icon it will take you to a page as shown below.


This is where you will be required to write your title above the editing menu and your post below the editing menu.

You will also be required to choose categories & tags as well as featured image which will appear along with the content you intend to publish. You will also choose where you want your content shared on social media platforms and lastly choose the format for your content. You can also change anything on the blog before publishing. Notice as you enter your details above publishing icon, the content is saving itself so that you do not lose any information.


After you have entered your details it should look like the image above. Although i have not included the categories and other requirements below the publishing icon.

The last step is to publish your content by clicking on the publishing icon and your post will be published and your readers can then read the contents of your post.

After your blog is published you will see the image below