For a long time now, Social Media has become the main tool for marketing products and services. 2016 is not any different in fact; most of the marketing in 2016 has shifted to Social Media. The tremendous advancement in technology has completely changed the way we used to look at marketing.

Why Social Media marketing?

There are three reasons why Social Media has become the most important tool for marketing. These reasons include huge number of users, access to the internet and mobile phones as basic human need.

Huge numbers

Social Media users grew by 14% in the last year this translates to about 283 million users. This number continues to grow and in 2016 is expected to rise gradually.

Internet enabled

Mobile phones never used to be internet enabled and this has to come to pass. Now every phone that is being manufactured is internet enabled which facilitates users to browse the web from their smartphones anywhere in the world where there is an internet provider.

Basic human need

Mobile phones initially were meant for just communication but today a mobile phone is used to take pictures, play music, radio functionality and other software which help humans to do several functions. Today most people feel naked without a mobile phone and it has since become a basic human need to survive in this world.

To marketers these three aspects present a lucrative opportunity to reach potential consumers of different products and services. Many people fail to see the importance of Social Media platforms because they consider the platforms for socializing and catching up with friends and families. Today, you will not use your smartphone more than 10 minutes without coming across a few advertisements. This means that a marketer somewhere is trying to promote a product or a service that you might like. In this time and age, no marketer can afford to dismiss Social Media marketing because it is where almost all the consumers are.


In this post i will discuss a few Social Media Marketing trends that every marketer should be using in 2016.

Video content

Many people tend to be attracted to info graphics because it helps make understanding easier. Some people can read a paragraph and completely forget what it meant because of vocabulary and other factors. In order to ensure that people understand whatever content you are promoting, you need to be able to illustrate the subject matter clearly and that is where video content becomes very important. YouTube has been on the fore front in marketing through video content. YouTube subscribers have since increased tremendously because people are now creating informative content that educates people at the same time promoting a particular brand related to the video content. Marketing through video content does not necessarily have to be informative but also entertaining. In 2016, bloggers and marketers are going to use more video content for marketing various products and services and you do not have to be left behind. Learn how to make video content and improve your marketing skills on Social Media in 2016.

Optimizing Facebook campaigns

In 2016, paying for exposure is going to play an important role and as much as there are numerous platforms for marketing, Facebook remains the most effective platform to use for promoting your products and services. Facebook has about a billion users using the platform on a single day and the importance that comes with Facebook marketing is that it targets its advertisement to a specific demography. This is very important to marketers because it saves you time and money since your ads will only be shown to the people that your business targets without having to spend money in advertisement that do not lead anywhere. I am recommending Facebook because it allows you to choose a particular country, age group, gender, location and also the feed that you want your advertisement to be shown.

Online shopping

Online shopping is going to grow immensely in 2016 because traditional forms of doing business have realized the three aspects mentioned above have disrupted the way business is carried out. People nowadays have no time to go and window shop when they can comfortably browse and compare products from different brands and make their purchases online. Furthermore, people can order products from across the world and get them delivered wherever they are from just a few clicks on their smartphones. E-commerce stores such as Amazon and Tripleclicks have become a common way for people to shop various products and services through Social Media.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the strategy to use in 2016 for your business to grow effectively. There are several marketing automation software such as Socialmaximizer, AWeber, Hootsuite which have increasingly become important in allowing marketers to promote products across multiple Social Media platforms simultaneously.  Social Media marketing automation is important because it removes the aspect of having to copy the same massage and re-posting it on different platforms. Every small business should consider using marketing automation to promote their products and services.

Watch out for updated Social Media marketing trends in 2016 to get a good insight for you to make strategies depending on your budget to build and grow your business online.