TeachersAppreciationWeekGrowth hacking secrets for growing your organic traffic

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most searched topics by many bloggers online. Search engine optimization generally refers to all the methods that a blogger uses in order to promote a blog or generate more traffic. Getting traffic seems to be the most important aspect to any blogger who wants to be successful and i agree completely. Generating traffic is not as easy as many bloggers may think when they are starting a blog. What many bloggers know is that as a newbie blogger, one is required to create consistent content and somehow some miracle will happen and the site will begin to generate significant traffic.

Truth is, you will not generate significant traffic just from posting content on a regular basis. In order for a blogger to begin generating significant traffic, growth hacking skills have to be employed effectively and this will work miracles on your site and start generating significant traffic on a regular basis.

Growth hacking strategies involves doing very little on your site and actually making the most out of it. There are several ways to increase your traffic applying growth hacking secrets on your site. In this post, we are going to learn how to change our mindset by focusing on what really grows traffic on your site without ever worrying of hiring and spending much money on other people to conduct a SEO analysis for your site.

The first technique to use is to reverse engineer content on your specific target market.  Reverse engineering content involves three basic steps; conducting an analysis of your competitors best performing posts, adding value to the topic and reaching out to the right people to create social buzz around the post.

I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that Buzzsumo is one of the best tools that not only allows you to conduct an analysis of your competitor’s best performing posts but also lets you identify posts that have performed generally well based on the keyword search. For Instance, if we search social media marketing on Buzzsumo it will produce the results of the most shared content with detailed information on how the post was shared on social media platforms as shown in the image below.


In the image above the first content is “Apparently there’s ANOTHER hidden message inbox on Facebook” followed by other posts which performed fairly well. These posts provide you with information on topics that have more readers and you can choose to write a post about a similar topic or find more content to improve the posts. A blogger can also create info graphic to accompany the post to increase the performance of your new post.

Once you have searched content based on your specific keywords as shown in the image above, you need to create a more detailed content which means that your post has to be longer than the previous post searched on Buzzsumo. To write a longer content means you will research for the information that had not been included in the previous post and make sure that it has value to your readers. Google generally ranks longer content higher than short content. Therefore, to improve a post it has to be longer for it to be ranked better among competing posts or similar posts in search engine.

After you have researched and developed a great content you need to create a social buzz. Social buzz means to get as many people to share your content as much as possible. Remember, for people to share your content they have to feel that the content is informative and will be of value to their readers.

To create a social buzz, you have to post on every social media platform and other bookmarking sites. There are several tools to use for this purpose and some of them include Socialmaximizer and Hootsuite which will assist you as a blogger to deliver your post to millions of readers on social bookmarking sites. One important thing to note is, your content will be shared only if it is better and adds value to your targeted readers which means your post should be unique and not the same information paraphrased as a new post.

Upgrading content is another useful strategy to use as a blogger to increase your traffic. Content upgrade essentially means searching the best contents and then checking the backlinks to see if they are broken. A backlink is a link on a post that redirects the reader to some information elsewhere on another site. A backlink could be broken because the blog that was linked no longer. When you come across a broken link, you need to write a post which is related to the post that was linked on your competitors’ blog post and simply reach out to them and inform them about the missing or broken link and request them to update their post by linking to your new content to replace the broken link. This is why your content has to be highly-informative.

After posting your content it is important to create an after post checklist which essentially acts as a follow up on past articles that is already posted on social networks. The best trending way of increasing traffic is through social media platforms. Come up with a strategy to re-post your article after a few days of posting to promote the interaction of a particular post so that you increase the chances of the post performing better to boost traffic.

Forums are also a great place to share your content. Most people join forums to discuss more pertinent issues about a particular target market or subject. As a blogger, identify forums that discuss issues related to your blog topics and assist the members by posting links to relevant material that has information about a particular topic.


Blog commenting is also a simple concept but works very well to increase traffic on any site. You may have noticed the blogs that allow you to comment require you to put in your name, email address, website and your specific comment. However, blog commenting needs to be taken seriously since most people comment to thank the writer by writing “great post”. Comments such as this have no value to your blog because they will no redirect visitors to your site since you do not offer something valuable or informative. As a blogger, before commenting make sure that you have read the blog first, after reading the blog you will identify what the author failed to include and carefully acknowledge the post and then add the information that was missing. When you provide relevant information on your blog, you are building a reputation and readers on that blog will want to visit your blog to find out more about the topic and in the event bring more traffic to your site.

Guest posting is another way to increase traffic without doing any complex SEO. After researching and coming up with a great post, you can choose to post it on your site or look for a blog that is performing better on the same topic and accepts guest posts and ask them to post the content on their blog. Through posting your content on other blogs it offers you the opportunity to have their readers come visit your site and by doing so you will have increased your traffic significantly without actually doing much on your blog.

To use this growth hacking strategy to increase traffic on your site, all you need is to invest on time and ensure you develop better content for your readers and build your reputation gradually which will translate to significant traffic over time.