Which social media is best for business

Many bloggers have a problem choosing Which social media is best for business site.  In this post, i am going to discuss with you several ways you will look at your business to decide Which social media is best for your business.

To begin with, you probably have heard all sought of categorization of Social Media platform such as Facebook being the most used platform with a billion users on a daily basis, Twitter being used by mostly the younger generation, Pinterest  being used mostly by females and LinkedIn being used mostly by professionals.

With this kind of information, you could easily make vital decisions on Which social media is best for business to use for promoting your site since you already know your target market. But this information is just not enough to make that important decision. Before you choose the best Social Media site for your site, there are several questions that you need to ask yourself first and perhaps, some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Are you utilizing Social Media platforms effectively?
  2. Should you focus on few or more Social Media Platforms?
  3. Which social media is best for business?

To answer these questions you need to conduct an analysis on your work in order to determine the most effective Social Media Platform you are a going to need. This analysis will not only provide you with the best platform but save you much time by simply not using the ones that do not work for you. However, some people seem to have a way around most Social Media Platforms and if you can leverage the same that’s an extra plus for you. In addition, i would recommend that you conduct an analysis so that you focus on the few or just one or two that works best for your site.

Which social media is best for business

The best way to go around this analysis is through categorizing each Social Media Platform according to productivity on your site. For instance, you can come up with several categories such as Traffic, engagement, sales and questions depending on your site and try to equate each site and performance based on your categories. The reason for this is to identify the areas that you want to focus on and leave the ones that do not work for your specific interests.

A good example is if you are promoting certain products, the best approach would be to focus on Social Media Platforms that bring you traffic that makes purchases and not engagement.  Another important aspect is to know which sites can be around for a long time since some Social Media platforms come and they are hyped for some time then disappear. Therefore, you need to use the most effective platform that is able to guarantee your future.

Some experts have recommended that you conduct a poll which in my opinion is a very good idea to ask your readership where they like to engage in order to make an informed decision on Which social media is best for business.

Another good way to conduct analysis is through Google Analytics which is also a very good tool to know where your readership is coming from and more specifically from which Social Media platform. All you have to do is to register at Google Analytics for free and submit your site if you have not yet and keep checking your data as you make decisions on what works and what does not work. Remember this is not going to be a one-time decision but a process that takes time to analyze the data which could be monthly, quarterly or even yearly.

One other important question that you also need to ask your self is whether the time you are spending on Social Media platform can be equated to the productivity on your site. I have reiterated a couple of times that time is the most essential asset that a blogger can ever have and for this reason it plays a critical part in your business.

Which social media is best for business

Some blogger prefer to use automation on their sites to send out newsletters and some use it for posting content on their Social Media sites. It is best that you find the best approach for using automation. For instance, one could ask a question that is meant to engage readership in the morning and post informative content or a motivational quote at noon and promote a product in the evening. This could actually be your automated schedule that posts content on your Social Media platforms.

Always have a posting calendar that lets you know what and when to post, sometime you may have to re-post a post from a year ago that is still relevant and works well within your target market.

Tone consideration is among the best skills a blogger has to approach readers on Social Media platforms; you need to approach your readership in the most effective manner in order to get their attention in the first place.

Among other things to consider is a visual element on your site because most people prefer to see rather than just read text so that you may be able to choose which social media is best for business.  Feel free to reach out to us through the comment section of contact page. Good luck in choosing which social media is best for business.