Content marketing through videos has been on the increase especially in the last one year. Marketers online have realized the importance of using informative videos to teach people one or two things.

People prefer to view images as compared to text just as marketers will prefer videos over images and this provides every marketer with the opportunity to create video because this is where advertisers are most likely to invest their money on advertisement campaigns. If you are not using videos then you should start creating informative video content for your viewers or readership.

In this post, we are not going to discuss different ways of how to optimize YouTube videos content to perform better in search engines. To be more specific, we are going to learn about your video headline, description and tags as well as thumbnails for your videos.

First things first, it’s very important that you consider the platform to which your content will be uploaded. Platform plays a vital role and therefore you should adjust or reorganize your video products to suit the purpose for which it is meant to achieve.

Context really matters and a video might work better if it is manipulated to suit the platform that is going to be uploaded such as Instagram, Vine, Snapchat or YouTube.

Every platform is a different environment and this is why Facebook videos might not necessarily work on YouTube and vice versa. When delivering your videos it is important to structure the content in a manner that the viewer is able to feel as if he/she is watching the content live.

How to optimize YouTube videosWhy use YouTube?

YouTube has grown to become the second most used search engine after Google because many people are looking for how to’s content on almost every field.

Using YouTube requires time investment which means you need to be patient with your videos because they have a long shelf life. This means that your videos may not perform well now but will certainly perform better with time as a result of a number of factors among them promotion of the video content.

Another important reason to optimize YouTube videos is considering analyzing competition. If you are coming up with a video that helps people learn a new feature on YouTube, Facebook or an application.

It is very important that you create your video almost immediately after the feature has been announced for you to rank first in the search engine based on the keywords and description of your video content. There are several factors that come into play for a video to be well placed in search engines such as channel of distribution, high retention and engagement as well as subscribers. YouTube lets you see similar videos and this will helps you make informed decision on what to create on your videos.

Headline and description

How to optimize YouTube videosAfter you have created your YouTube video it is paramount that you select the best keyword to use as your headline normally it is recommended that you use only five to six words.

Finding the best keywords for your videos will help the video perform better in search engine because it specifically points out what the video is all about. Normally people search content and a list appears with similar results depending on the keyword used to search the contents.

For this reason, your headlines have to be specific and precise. It is important to also use your keywords in the descriptions because Google search engine will use the first few line of your description to list your content if Meta description is not provided while posting the video.

Video length and tags

How to optimize YouTube videosThe length of a video matters just as the length of a blog post matters. The best and simple way to find out how long your video should become is through identifying competing videos and determining the length so that you can optimize YouTube videos to be around the same time frame or longer for your video content to perform better in search engine.

Although many people would want to view shorter content, longer content is much better because it provides the viewer will all the information and there will be no further research as the viewer will be satisfied after watching a longer video that has more detailed information as compared to a shorter content that lacks key points.

Although you may have used keywords and description, tags are also important as they are used to ensure that your video has covered all the bases it is supposed to cover in order for it to perform better in search engines.

Tags are normally used to help the user relate to what kind of information to expect. Just like when you walk to a supermarket you will be able to see different section for different products such as electronics, furniture, utensils and so on. For this reasons tags help the user to know what specifically to expect from a particular group of content for your videos to perform better in search engines. A good tool recommended for selecting keywords is Keyword planner from Google AdWords.

Custom thumbnails

How to optimize YouTube videosCustom thumbnails are a must for any videos before they are uploaded. The reason for using thumbnails on all your videos is to let the viewer choose to view your video among the choices provided. Custom thumbnails will not rank in search engine but very crucial in attracting viewers.

Thumbnails could be in very many forms such as text, image or product logo depending on whatever content you are marketing. Thumbnails helps the viewer to make easy decision for which video to view after a list from search engine appears with the same keywords that the viewer has used to search content on the web.

Now that you know how to optimize YouTube videos to perform better in search engine start making your YouTube videos today and reach your potential subscribers as well as increase your passive income streams.