5 ways to get more traffic from pinterest

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest has grown to become one of the most used social media platform and according to Pauline Cabrera of simplymeasured.com its popularity has overtaken that of Twitter and it is estimated to bring in three times the traffic Reddit, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, StambleUpon and LinkedIn can bring combined.

This statistics speaks volumes and could imply several scenarios for any marketer or blogger. The most important of them all is social media platforms are the new search engines and many bloggers are relying on social media sites in order to bring traffic to their sites.

Before we dwell much into what you ought to have already done, it is important to understand the basic principles that will earn you huge traffic from Pinterest over time. First and foremost as a blogger or marketer, you have to select your target market carefully. This can be achieved through positioning yourself as one of the readers your blog is targeting. This way, you can design your homepage to be more appealing to your readership knowing what they expect.

Many people think that social media platform requires that you have huge numbers which i agree to some extent but the most crucial aspect is not followers but engagement. Engagement in this case simply means re-post likes and comments. Engagement is the only way you are going to earn traffic from social media platform and especially Pinterest.

Pinterest has become one of the most powerful search engines and users are provided with feeds that are tailored depending on their interests, likes and people they follow. This structure allows your pin to be shared and read by people with similar interest. If your content is informative and has great value it has the potential to be shared to a wide audience which will translate to increased traffic on your website or blog.

Having understood the basics of Pinterest now we can embark on the most overlooked details that hinders your Pinterest from engaging favorably with other users to bring you traffic to your site.

Professional profile

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create a professional profile

Your Pinterest profile plays a great role in driving traffic to your site if you haven’t been using it already. Human nature is designed to judge a character based on appearance or reputation. This is why you often come across people inquiring what you do in life or even provide curriculum vitae so that you can easily be identified. Although many people tend to imagine the internet is different and no one will want to know who they are, am sorry to break it to you that you are misinformed and what you put out their determines how people will view you. Therefore, your profile should be well optimized to build a professional reputation to your readership and those who engage with your content. For you to drive traffic to your site through Pinterest your profile has to be a business one with keywords that let users knows what you are all about and always engage in a more professional way to build a strong rapport with your readership.

Optimize your boards

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Optimize your boards

This is where all the fun begins after you have designed a professional look on your profile, it is time to make yourself visible out there through creating a more appealing and powerful set of boards that communicate your message to grab the attention of your readers and help drive traffic to your website.

To create appealing boards all you need is to structure your boards in an organized and clear manner accompanied with engaging photos to make your content irresistible for Pinterest users with interest in your content. In addition, you need to describe your Pinterest boards to be as specific as possible since search engines will use the description to crawl your content whenever a user searches for the same information on any search engine. Another important issue to address is relevancy; there is more outstanding content out there that is not relevant and hinders your Pinterest profile from bring traffic to your site. To avoid such scenario always observe your target market through engagement and learn what exactly is needed before you throw your pins at your readership.

Use Your A-game

Put in your A-game

When pinning your post, it’s rather obvious that you should pin like a professional and not just for the sake of pinning. You have to ensure that all details required are filled. Some of the best ways to ensure that you have professional pins is through using large images that capture the attention of readers, use descriptions with specific keywords for the pin, use the actual URL, always caption your images or name them using the specific keywords because search engines like Google will not crawl your images but will certainly crawl the captions on your images. Come up with catchy titles for your pins as well as use deferent images and titles for different posts.

Be consistent

Consistency is paramount for every Pinterest profile. Notice, when you watch television programs are not just being streamed anyhow but different programs come at certain times only. This is normally because they want the viewers to be able to prepare and also know when their favorite programs are scheduled to be aired. The same way applies to your Pinterest and other social media platforms; you have to schedule your post so that your content is published regularly and post different pins on different topics that fall under your target market. Always track your performance to see what methods work and avoid the methods that do not work for you to avoid wasting time.

User friendly site

make your site friendly to your target market

Always ensure that your site is Pinterest-friendly for users to share with their following through share buttons. Also, get out there and promote your site through engaging by way of commenting on other pins and reaching out to those who you look up to for guidance through selecting the best Pinterest profile based on performance. In addition, always ensure that you use promoted pins for your most performing pins since they plays a big role in bringing traffic to your site. Lastly always adapt to the trends of using social media platforms and in this case Pinterest social platform trends.

Now that you have all the important strategies that are normally ignored you can go to our Pinterest and begin driving traffic to your site.