how to grow your blog

how to grow your blog

Growing your blog is the heart of your blog; this is no news to anyone since without readership your blog is as useless as the contents in your trash bin. Without a heart, you simply cannot function as a human being. Your site in itself is a being that requires readers for it to stay alive and serve its purpose. There are several reasons why you need to grow your site.


how to grow your blog

Before you even began to write your post you might have asked yourself what your blog is about and who it is meant to inspire or teach through the contents that you publish on a regular basis.

Your target market in this case is your readership.

If you are just publishing content on your blog without targeting readership then you should stop and re-think your decision to blog in the first place. Your blog is meant to provide some form of knowledge to someone who is interested. This information can be in form of texts, images and videos or a combination of two or all forms.

Students enroll into a particular class for the purpose of learning a particular lesson that is normally important and required at that particular point in time. Therefore, you need to provide informative content to your readership that is not only educative but also relevant in whatever field you are blogging about.


how to grow your blog
how to grow your blog

Another reason why you need readership on your site is because you want to promote a product to a wide audience to create awareness about a brand or increase sales.

Without readership you cannot make sales or promote your products effectively. In this case, the more readerships you have the more effective your marketing campaign is going to become which will translate to more conversions in terms of sales or creating awareness. Money is in the list is a common phrase used by marketers and if you take some time to contemplate about this concept you will realize that indeed without the list you will not make money and the list in this case is your readership which takes me to the third point why you need readership in your site.

Make a living

To be honest there are very few people out there who are kind enough to share important info that will help you develop and grow successfully. What if there was a way that you could help people and at the same time earn from it? Well, this is what should always be but in the modern world the rules of the game are very simple you have to work to get paid and that’s all it is to many individuals.

But then again, what if you would be doing what you love doing most and paid tons of money doing it isn’t that amazing? Blogging is a fun way of making a living through targeting readership that will find value in what you blog about. Your readership plays a great role in determining the amount of money you are going to make that is why it is important that you develop and your to grow your blog

In this post i am going to address some of the best ways on how to grow your blog that are often overlooked and yet very effective towards growing your readership.

First things first never expect for a miracle to happen for you to jump from 30 subscribers to 20,000 subscribers this will never happen in this world as it takes strategy and planning to achieve this. It is actually very simple than most people think. But very importantly, to every blogger, the art of patience is a virtue that should be embraced at all times.

Stage One

Level one of how to grow your blog is through telling your family and friends about your blog. If you know you are writing great content then why not share it with your loved ones. The importance of sharing your content with your loved ones is to boost your readership through referral process. Referral process is a great way that works effectively and every affiliate marketing programs utilizes this power to recruit potential affiliates who have interests in the program.

Stage Two

The second level requires you to find existing peers who are starting to blog also and share tips and resources which can help increase readership. You could develop a peer group of whatever number you can manage but the more the better and then guest post for each other and also comment on their blogs, share their content on your posts and you will learn the power that comes with promoting others for your own benefit. You can also leverage on already established bloggers.

Although, oftentimes many newbie bloggers are scared to approach well established bloggers for mentorship. You have nothing to lose here, all you need is to make sure that you approach them professionally and write high-quality content and ask them to publish the content on their blog. If you approach this correctly then you wouldn’t have any problems growing readership for your own blog.

Stage Three

Blog commenting has been a contentious subject for a very long time. I choose to settle this case here based on my own understanding. So how does it work? What normally happens is whenever you come across a blog with great content, sometimes it is good to acknowledge the author and also add your views or some information that the content failed to address.

Why is this important? When you do blog commenting you will note that you are prompted to enter your name, email address, website and then option to comment. The reason that all this information is required is to redirect the users to your site ONLY if your comment is substantive. By substantive i mean, your blog has to tell the reader that you are well informed about a particular subject and you can actually be of great assistance in the subject matter.

This means that the reader on the blog that you commented will click your name and be redirected to your website to have a look at what you have on your side. All you need is to ensure that you fill in all the details correctly and provide substantive information when commenting normally a few lines or a paragraph is okay.

Stage Four

Level four requires that you give your readership credible sources or additional information on the content that you are about to publish. This is achieved through linking your content to a more detailed information or information that is important for a reader and you have chosen not to include it on your blog post. When you show your readers that you care about them and you provide them extra information they will begin to trust you and build a strong reputation that will generally increase your readership over time.

Stage five

This level basically requires you to optimize your best performing post. Choose your best performing posts and create a strategy to boost the posts through advertising as well as re posting the posts on social networking sites for it to perform even better over time.

The reason why you require your best performing posts is because those are the kind of posts that grow your blog. Now that you have learn a few growth hacking secrets of growing your readership over and over start looking for your readership and grow your site. The money list is also a great resource that will help you increase your readership like clockwork, get a copy today.