How do you develop your content? Do you just write posts and publish them? You might want to consider revising your objective when developing content. Every aspect of your post will draw mixed reaction to your readership. By every aspect I mean the title, structure, keywords, and media.

All these aspects will have an impact on your readership. Different posts are going to be treated differently as some are going to bring in more subscribers, shared widely on social media, spark conversations and some are going to start building backlinks to your content.

Before you start developing your content, it is important that you ask yourself the main purpose of publishing a particular post. There could be several reasons as to why one may need to develop content with an intention. One of the most important reasons that you may need to develop your content in a particular manner is to build backlinks to your content.

Backlinks are simply links on other blogs that point back to your content. If your posts earn authoritative backlinks from such sites, it means that they are endorsing your site according to search engine language. Therefore, building backlinks play an important role in your search engine optimization (SEO).

In this post, i am going to show you how to build backlinks.

Titles that start with numbers

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You probably have come across several posts such as “5 strategies for building  backlinks”. These kinds of posts are so common and almost every successful blogger is using the same kind of titles. Have you been doing this on your posts?  If you have been doing this without even knowing then you must be a genius but for those who have never known why, here is your chance to practice what professional bloggers have mastered.

The importance of this kind of posts is that they are liked by many readers and are considered to be the most shareable contents on the web. Although infographic content is shared more as compared to list articles, list articles show a consistent trend in terms of a number of contents that is shared over a period of time.

List articles or post are normally shared because they make a specific promise to the reader as well as invoking curiosity and readers can scan through before reading the whole content.

More is better always

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Many people debate on how long is a long content. To be reasonable it depends on what you are writing that is why it is important to choose topics that can help you develop a more detailed content.  However, longer content generally rank better than short content. For instance, you could be detailed in your heading by making it you unique such as “5 strategies for building backlinks that will bring you 10,000 visitors” you can manipulate this depending on what you think will work best for you.

Another example could be “59 ways to lose weight in a month” these kind of posts are normally easy to develop and quite effective in earning your post high-quality backlinks. All your post should be above 800 words as this is average but if you can manage to write a 1500- 2000 word posts then you will be way ahead and your content will work better than other contents.

Guides and How to’s

building backlinksHave you been writing this kind of post on your blogs? If you have not then it’s high time that you do because you have been missing a lot. People normally search definitions mostly than any other thing on search engines. The second thing people search most is guides and how to’s type of content. This is why guides are very important articles that will earn you backlinks on your posts over time.

The reason as to why this is normally the case is because the web contains enormous data and people go to look for different kinds of information. Therefore, pick a particular niche and carry out a research to find out what kind of information people are looking for and develop a guide that specifically explains to the reader how to accomplish a certain task. You can also accompany your post with a video illustration that is designed properly in order to attract the attention of readers to earn you high-quality backlinks.

Use infographics

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Infographic has been the new trend for bloggers and marketers for some years now. The blog post that has no image or infographic have stopped appealing to readers and you should stop wasting your valuable time developing a great content that will not be accompanied by infographics. The reason here is very simple and it is in human nature to want to see before they believe.

Remember the story about doubting Thomas in the bible? We all have it in us and we need to visualize before we believe. That is why your readers need to be convinced about what you are trying to put across so that they may link back to your content. There are many tools today to create images and infographics such as Canva. Always make sure that your content is more appealing to your readers and your content be building backlinks.

“Seduce” Influencers/role model

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We all have those bloggers that we look up to. These bloggers normally have a newsletter or a tutorial occasionally and it is good to read this newsletter and apply the lessons on your blog then reach out to your role model and tell them of your experience that you learnt in their newsletter and how it has helped grow your blog in one way or another by specifically indicating the accomplishment you have realized. This is a great way to earn authoritative high-quality backlinks to your posts because the professional bloggers will link back to you as an example to their readers.

Become a problem solver

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There are several platforms including forums where people join to discuss issues that affect them on a day to day basis. An example of such issues includes; getting traffic, monetization and hosting depending on the niche that you are blogging about. Here, you will be required to assist such kind of people by redirecting them to your content. If such a person will find the most convincing answer then they will link back to your content and recommend others to read about. This strategy will work well and possibly earn you more links to your site.