We are all kind and generous but it goes a long way when people show you gratitude in form of money. Every bloggers’ dream is not just to influence people but also to make some little money out of it for their own interests. Everyone in the world deserves to earn after a long day’s work.

How to earn money from free WordPress blogBlogging is no exception and it requires a lot of effort and research to come up with the best content that will get readers subscribe and follow your blog.

Some people blog all their life while some balance blogging and other forms of jobs. Nonetheless, every blogger needs to know how to earn money from free WordPress blog.

There is always this notion that if you are blogging from a WordPress.com platform, then probably you don’t intend to monetize your site because the platform does not allow you to make money online.

In this post, i am going to teach you how to earn money from free WordPress blog and  make a passive income today. AdSense is the biggest advertisement platform that pays well to display advertisements on sites belonging to people that are subscribed to the platform.

In as much as it is the only platform that pays well it has its own policies as well as partners they conduct business with and WordPress.com users is not one of their partners. This does not mean in any way that because you cannot make money with AdSense, then you cannot make money online with a WordPress.com site.

There are two ways  on how to earn money from free WordPress blog;

  1. AdSense alternative methods
  2. Moving your blog to WordPress.org platform.

In this post, i am going to discuss with you other options that are available to a WordPress.com site to make money online.


WordAds is the alternative to AdSense for WordPress.com users. It has various unique features like;

  • It provides an option to check your earnings from your DashBoard
  • It pays per impression unlike other platforms which pay for clicks which implies the more traffic the more money one is bound to make.
  • Its payment platform is PayPal and you can request for payment after your balance has reached $100.
  • Approval for WordAds depends on your monthly traffic as well as topics.
  • The roughly average estimate for monthly traffic to get approval is between 1500-2500 monthly visitors as it will depend on various factors and could be different from time to time.
  • It requires you to have a custom domain name
  • It only accepts certain themes to monetize your WordPress.com with WordAds.

Having known a few details about WordAds you can go ahead and register with WordAds and once your application is approved you can begin making passive income and cash out when your earnings reach $100 threshold.

Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money from free WordPress blogIf you have not heard about affiliate marketing programs then you are missing a lot in opportunities to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that is initiated by firms and they work by inviting people who want to make an extra buck from promoting products to potential users and earning a commission from each sale they make.

When you are enrolled to one of these sites, you are normally provided with links, burners, flyers and other marketing materials. If a potential buyer purchases your product through one of your gateways, you immediately earn some commission and the amount is credited to your accounts.

The commission varies from one platform to another and you can choose from thousands of affiliate marketing programs that are available online. However, you need to choose from the best which requires you to do extensive research if you are a newbie.

Affiliate marketing programs is where i started years back as an affiliate to one of the best platforms online Strong Future International and i have developed a few guides to help you have an easy time and make some money online. You can monetize your WordPress.com blog through displaying affiliate links and banners on your site and make passive income from your blog.

Sponsored Post

How to earn money from free WordPress blogSponsored post is another way that allows you  to earn money from free WordPress blog. All you have to ensure is that your blog is well established and has thousands of traffic each month.

With a well-established blog you can come up with a story or description about some certain products online or on your blog which is more similar to affiliate marketing but this does not offer commission but option for you to make money advertising products on your site.

A sponsored ad could be a review of a new product or service that is new and you want to create awareness. This kind of review works best because you will rank higher in the post based on unique keyword of certain new products that you are going to review.

Publishing eBooks

How to earn money from free WordPress blogI have mentioned in my previous post that most people on the web are searching for things that they have little information and are willing to add on to their knowledge.

Therefore, this information provides you with the opportunity to develop great guides that will teach people step by step processes on how to accomplish something. You can then format the eBook so that it can be sold and list the eBook on one of your pages for your readers who are interested to purchase and learn a few tricks that you have mastered.

EBooks are a great way to tap into the experience of those who have been around and know a few tricks here and there. If you are a good writer you can develop great interesting eBooks or approach someone who does and list the products on your site to also earn a commission from them.

The second method i chose not to discuss today is how you can still manage to make money from your WordPress.com blog by moving to WordPress.Org platform and still maintain your posts, pages, comments and subscribers although you might lose traffic but then catch up later and still make money from many other options that are available to WordPress.org users.