How does one rank first on Google search engine? Google search engine provides every blogger with an equal chance of ranking first on the platform by providing content developers with an opportunity that is beneficial to both the search engine and the blogger.

Through developing content that directly answers questions that users are looking for, will help you rank your content first at the same time and also helps Google build a credible reputation to users for providing the best answer easily and faster from your own content.

Every blogger is looking for google ranking secret because it is the gateway that readers use to get to the content on your site.

How do you rank first on Google search engine?

Before I share with you the secret I just unlocked, it is important I also tell you the benefits of Google ranking.

google ranking

How the concept works

As you may have read about my works on developing content, you may have noticed how I put “special” emphasis on developing a high-quality content that not only drives traffic to your website but also increase your sites traffic, grow your readership as well as increase your brand awareness to your potential target market. With these in mind, you can easily begin to notice what the successful bloggers do differently for their sites to rank first on Google.

google rankingWhat newbies do not know is that Google is the most used search engine to crawl any site on the internet.

Google does NOT just pick any random content to produce as results when a user is searching for specific information. On the other hand, what Google does is crawl/analyze all the content available on the internet and then lists them according to the most content with “rich answers”.

Rich answers used to be in the form of detailed content or informative content that will easily provide the solutions that meet what a user is looking for on the web. This does not mean that if your blog is not listed on the first page then you are not ranked.

It simply means that you are ranked but on a different page, as you can see on your search engine results in all the contents with similar keywords and at the bottom, you are able to see page numbers as shown below including suggestions for any user to search for a specific content.

google ranking

Structuring your content requires that you analyze which specific keywords to use so that you curate content that will rank first on search engines. This is a good way to always ensure that most of your contents rank first on Google search engine.

But you must also remember that all your competitors are also using these similar tactics to rank their content first in Google. So how do you ensure that you beat the competition and rank first?

Google ranking

This method that am going to demonstrate to you step by step is going to ensure that you beat competition not always, but a guaranteed method and if you maximize its potential, you can leverage it against your competition and rank your content first on Google search engine.

You may have noticed that Google normally provides a snippet to help guide the user on search engine to the most direct and specific answer as shown below

google ranking

In the above image, you will see that classical economics has been defined and the source of this definition is Wikipedia. This content has ranked first on Google search engine because it is the closest based on our search. This is one of the latest SEO trends to make your posts rank first on Google search engine.

To get your content google ranked on the first page, you have to ensure that you check your own data about how people are getting to your site as well as doing a keyword search and then make sure that in your first paragraph of your post you answer the question that the user is probably going to type on Google search engine.

With this strategy, you can beat your competition and make your posts rank first on Google search engine which will drive traffic, grow your readership as well as your brand.

If you have not been utilizing this skill then it’s your time to start leveraging huge benefits it has and the impact is going to be seen on your site. As you can see it is a very simple concept and now you also know.