21 ways on how to be productive

how to be productive

We all want to have it all but have you ever taken some time to think why we are all given the same 24hours in a day and yet other people go back to their beds at night having earned so much while others spend more to than they earned on a given day.

There are several things that these successful people do for them to always stay on top of the game by becoming highly productive. In this post, I am going to teach you how to be productive in 21 ways.

  1. Wake up earlier than everyone

If you want to be productive then you must learn to wake up earlier always since it offers you time to plan your day effectively. If you wake up and start to run up and down so as not to get late for an appointment or meeting, then you will not be focused as your head needs to be relaxed in order for it to function at its optimum unlike when you are in a hurry and your mind is stressed out.

  1. how to be productiveMaximize on lazy Sunday afternoons.

People tend to be very lazy on Sunday afternoons especially when they are required to be up early on Monday morning. The laziness that is normally experienced is because your body is reacting to the fact that you need to plan your day earlier but most people take this time to sleep or watch a football match or even have some outdoor event in the neighborhood. You should use this time to plan your week ahead for you to remain focused throughout the whole week.

  1. Stay focused

There is no such thing as luck anymore; one should learn to foresee their goals and objectives at any given moment. In order to achieve this, it is required of you that you ignore all the constraints that might hold you back and focus on the only objective ahead of you.

  1. Turn off your gadgets while you are at something.

Manage your time effectively by not getting distracted by your phone when people send you messages and emails. Take control of your life and let not your phone control you. For instance, when you get to the office or any other place of work you should switch off your phones unless it is an emergency or put them in silent mode and only reply when you are tired of working or during the breaks to maximize your output.

  1. Develop a to-do list

how to be productiveA to-do list is simply a road map of a plan of the time frame and details of how you are going to execute every step on your way to realizing your objectives.

  1. Do your most difficult task at your peak.

Many people have different peaks depending on their activities and various fields but most people are active in the morning because their minds are still fresh. During such times is when you should do your most difficult tasks as your motivation slows down you work on the easiest tasks.

  1. Always have a move before

You should learn to think faster and ahead of events before they actually happen. Avoid meetings at all cost and whenever necessary, attend the meeting when your mind is convinced about a particular stand. Never be easily swayed by others who do not believe in your objectives.

  1. Always know the impact of your words before you talk

Be a good listener and you will learn just to respond in the way that your peers resonate or expect you to say. Always be steps ahead of every conversation that you have with your peers in every place that you engage with people.

  1. Always divide your time into regular intervals.

Setting your alarm to go out every hour is not like having the curiosity to read a text message, pick a call, or read a mail. Alarms at regular interval let you focus and manage your time not just effectively but also efficiently.

  1. Take breaks between working hours

It is important to get your head relaxed for some time before you continue on whatever task that you were on to. Do not put yourself under the pressure of having to work extra hours but work productively within your normal time frame.

  1. Constantly evaluate yourself

how to be productiveDo you have time to check back your steps and see if you are making some meaningful progress? Well, most people just keep on working without evaluating themselves to know whether they should go on or find something else to do.

Measure your performance periodically to know whether you are on track or you need a few things here and there to get you back on your goals and achieve your objectives.

  1. Know the end results

Never start a journey whereby you do not have an idea of the destination unless you will end up anywhere. You should be able to know where you are going before you embark on the journey. Having clearer visions of how you intend something to become is very crucial in achieving your overall objective.

  1. Find your Motivation

People tend to be motivated by different things in life. It is important that you write down a list of the things that motivate you in terms of priority and always remind yourself about the what pushes you to wake up early, run a mile and live then you can master to have the inner drive that pushes you beyond your limits always.

  1. Honor your achievements

Always have some form of a list that has all the things that you consider to have achieved or accomplished. This is one way to acknowledge the consequences of your determination while you are at something and reflect the same energy to your upcoming projects and you shall surely become very productive in your whole life.

  1. Stop procrastinating and do it!

You should kill the habit of saying that you will do something in the near future and just get down to the real business. This is a special skill that is designed to put all your ideas into action and increase your chances of success at something thus becoming more productive in the end.

  1. Give more time to what is important to you.
  2. Avoid everything that is not in line with your objectives.
  3. Always get other people to work on your behalf.
  4. Never give up easily.
  5. Have enough sleep.

21 Meditate.