People are normally confused between the two platforms and often have difficulty in making a decision as to which option is important and for which purpose is it meant to accomplish.

In this post, I aim to provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms so as to facilitate easy decision making when it comes to choosing which platform to use.

The major areas that will help us to study the differences between the two are the costs, freedoms, and limitations as well as maintenance and development of the site. to is a commercial site where anyone can host their site for free but comes with few limitations. Hosting your site with means that your site will be free forever. Unless there are changes, you may need to upgrade in order to realize specific goals. The advantage of hosting with means that you get automatic security updates as well as spam fighting.

To have a site you simply need to sign up and choose your blog name and then design your site and your blog is up and running.



In, you are required to install a copy of WordPress content management system that is free for downloading. 24% of the current web is powered by platform.

This platform requires that you find your own hosting platform and a domain address that points visitors to it. This platform offers you complete control of your site. The only limitation here is resources that are allotted in the packages that you choose during hosting.

It also comes with extensive documentation and a community forum where anyone can ask for help if they get stuck with something. It offers one with the opportunity to grow and join other volunteers in contributing to the WordPress core code, mobile apps, translations, and accessibility.

To compare between the two platforms we will have to compare costs, freedom and limitations as well as maintenance and development.

Cost comparison

Wordpress Diferences is way cheaper as compared to by far because of the domain name, hosting, storage space and ad removal. has unlimited storage and free from ads.

On the other hand, offers free and high-quality hosting but you pay for storage space after first free 3GB. can also be very expensive if one wants to enjoy unlimited storage, videos, images, and no advertising. sites can remove limitation by upgrading which essentially means you pay more. premium and a Business upgrade will offer you a lot less than what offers but expensive compared to having a self-hosted platform.

Limitation comparison has several limitations such as you cannot monetize your site from various options available. The only accepted monetization method is Wordads

Maintenance and development.

startup-photos-mediumFor, you do not have to worry about maintenance as everything is done for you. On the other hand, requires you to install your own site, setting up your servers for VPS and dedicated hosting, regular updating your themes and plugins, updating the WordPress versions, protecting your site against attacks and backing up your site on a regular basis.

Having discovered the major differences you can take time and research further before you make up your mind if you haven’t already decided. If you are just starting off and you do not know what to do just begin with a free platform and later after you have learned how the system works then you can choose whether to upgrade or completely migrate to a which is specifically recommended to anyone who wants to grow a small business online.