wordpress.com to WordPress.org

Moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org is not that difficult. After reading this guide you will notice you can easily move to a self-hosted WordPress.org platform. Perhaps, the most important thing to note is why it is important to migrate from .com to .org.

There are various advantages that come with migrating your site to a .org platform. One of the advantages is that .org platforms offer as a complete solution to a blogger who is looking to monetize, for promoting a small business as well as for purposes of creating an e-commerce store.

wordpress.com to WordPress.org

By complete solution, it means that WordPress.org gives you complete control over your blog. Unlike in .com platform, there are very few options available for you to monetize your site yet that is one of every blogger’s goals in the future.

You can also monetize your site through the popular platform AdSense, affiliate marketing, in-text ads, paid reviews and many other ways.  The complete control allows you to create your own custom plugins and installs third party themes.

Steps to moving to a WordPress.org Platform

  1. Find a new host

The first step when you want to move to a self-hosted platform you will be required to find a new host because WordPress.com is a free platform and that is why they do not allow you many options to monetize since they occasionally display ads on your blog to cover the costs of hosting for you in a WordPress.com free platform. You can choose from any hosting you like although there are few which are recommended for WordPress sites.

The cost for finding a hosting platform is relatively affordable and you can start with any package depending on your budget and upgrade at a later time. To have a great and professional blog you need to get the best in the market in the form of plugins which are effective in growing your blog and themes that build your credibility by making you stand out among your competition.

  1. Installing WordPress

wordpress.com to WordPress.org

The second step requires you to install a WordPress.Org to get your site up and running. Interestingly most hosting platform has a one-click install for WordPress which essentially means with a click your site is installed and running.

  1. Customize appearance

After you have successfully installed WordPress.org, you may choose to move all your content from your WordPress.com site but it is not possible to move themes and widgets which you will have to set up on your own.

Getting free WordPress.org themes and plugins are quite easy and there are many places to look for on the internet if you just know where to look and installing the themes is quite easy.

  1. Export Content

wordpress.com to WordPress.org

Once you have set up your new WordPress.org, it is now time to move all your content from your old blog by simply accessing your Dashboard > Tools> Export

  1. Import Content

wordpress.com to WordPress.org

On your dashboard in your new blog, you can go Tools> Import> WordPress and select the option to download and import file attachment that you had exported to your computer.

  1. Connect a domain name

If you do not have a free domain you can purchase one from your hosting platform since free domain name such as cadn.wordpress.com is not accepted when moving to a WordPress.org platform.

This is the point now to set up a site redirect to take people to your new site. WordPress Offers this service and charges $13 per year. To also redirect your permalinks which include links indexed by Google you will be required to go to Settings>Permalinks and set permalinks settings to day and name.

  1. Adding Jetpack

This free jetpack tool allows you to continue to enjoy the cool features that you used to enjoy on your previous blog. The jet pack provides you with the necessary plugin for analytics, site management tools and provides a blogger with access to WordPress mobile and desktop apps. You can check for instructions to set up the free Jetpack for more information.

  1. Move Subscribers/Statistics

After you have installed Jetpack it is now time to ensure that your subscribers follow you to your new site. Jetpack allows you to install the previous plugin that you had used in the previous .com site and install them to have your subscribers even after migrating to a new site.

Not only does jetpack allow you to move your subscribers, but your statistics also or you can contact WordPress to get this done for you.

After this process, your site is now up and running although you can continue to manipulate it depending on your preference as you now have control and choose to monetize it depending on your own preference.