how to choose a domain name for your blogThere are many domain names out there just like we all have names which are unique in one way or another. We are known to others simply by our own names and that is the same way people will want to know your blog.

In this post, we are going to look at several factors on how to choose a domain name for your blog.

  1. Brainstorm several keywords

Before you pick a domain name it is important to first brainstorm several keyword phrases that best describe what your blog is all about. After you have decided on the name, you should play with suffixes and prefixes to try and select the best domain name for your blog.

  1. Choose a unique name

How to choose a domain name for your blogChoosing a unique name is very crucial since you might not want your blog to be confused with another blog.

To ensure that your blog domain name is unique, you must be able to draw a solid boundary that differentiates you from a similar blog domain in your industry.

  1. Choose from a variety of extensions

In the past, there used to be very few domain extensions available and the most common one being the .com extension. People tend to believe that it is the only domain extension available which is wrong as there are several extensions such as .me, .org, .biz, .net and many other extensions.

Therefore, you should really brainstorm on a domain name extension that specifically describes your particular kind of business so as not to lose traffic because of a bad choice of extension.

  1. Make your domain easy to type and remember

How to choose a domain name for your blogHow to choose a domain name for your blog will depend on how it is easy to type the domain name. A domain name should be easy so that it does not present any difficulty whenever someone wants to quickly browse something on your site.

One has to find a simple formula that lets readers remember their site easily. For instance, one of my readers told me the quickest way he finds my blog is joining the prefix pro before blogger and suffix hub after blogger and suddenly become even easier to memorize.

From the domain name, you can be able to relate the domain name and simply conclude that this domain name is probably talking about a place where pro-bloggers are made and that’s exactly what we as are all about.

  1. Short names are the best

A blogger should always choose the shortest domain name as possible so that it becomes easier for people to remember and type quickly as well as short names allow more character in the URL which works very well for social media platforms and gets your content shared easily across one platform to another. Short names are easy to say and people can easily promote your content through word of mouth if your content is appealing or interesting.

  1. Your blog domain name should create a fulfilling expectation

Since I have already mentioned this on my fourth point, I should just emphasize that the domain name that you finally decide to choose should describe the theme of your business just from the domain name.

A reader should be able to know what your blog is about just by the domain name which is very important because it instantly tells the reader what kind of information to expect just from your domain name. This is why I gave an example of how people relate when they come across my domain name on the web.

  1. Choose a brand

How to choose a domain name for your blogWhen choosing a domain name it is important to understand that you are choosing a brand name that will be in existence for a long time so you might want to select the best domain that will specifically differentiate yourself from other related domain names in the same industry. Therefore, a domain that sells your business without the help of about page is the right and perfect domain name for your blog or site.

  1. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Hyphen and numbers confuse readers and make it harder for Google to rank your pages. You should avoid hyphenated domain names and those that are accompanied by numbers or other special characters.

  1. Never follow the trend

Don’t follow a particular trend that you come across. It is important to value brand over hype. A popular trend will not be as popular in the future but a unique brand goes a long way to making your domain name always stand out.

Therefore, how to choose a domain name for your blog will depend on the the objective your business wants to realize.