2- Step verification gmail is meant to provide you with more security for your Google account.

This security is also meant reduce the chances of a black hat hacker from stealing information from your account.

2-step verification gmail makes this harder for criminal to go that extra mile to steal your phone so that they can get access to your mailbox.

It is very simple to setup a 2-step verification gmail all you need to do is

Step 1

Sign up for a Google account if do not have one otherwise go right ahead and sign in to your Google account.2 step verification gmail

Step 2

This step requires you to click on My Account as shown below which will redirect you to your personal information.2 step verification gmail

Step 3

The third step requires that you select Sign in and Security2 step verification gmail

and then click on > arrow which will take you to another page scroll down and you will be able to see Password and Sign-in method as below2 step verification gmail

Step 4

Click on > arrow after 2-step verification gmail as shown in the image above. This should take you to the following page.2 step verification gmail

Step 5

2 step verification gmailClick on Get Started,Here you will be required to Sign In to your account once again which will now take you to the following page where you will key in your phone number in which you expect to receive verification code that will authenticate your identity and then choose if you want to receive the code by a phone call or text as shown in the image below and click Try it.

Step 6

2 step verification gmail

You will receive a code on your phone, once you receive it, enter the verification code and click next it should bring the image as below and click Turn on2 step verification gmail

Step 7

After clicking Turn on it will take you to the next page as shown below which will require you to choose whether to turn on or turn off 2-step verification gmail. Since you want to improve your security, leave it as it is and every time you sign in to your account you will be asked to verify your sign-in.2 step verification gmail

Note: In the last page in the above image I chose to leave out the rest of the part which provides you with other option to enhance your 2-step verification gmail.

Protect your valuable information today.