Many people are excellent at jobs that involve writing but they spend most of their time looking for top paying websites but still end up enrolling in websites that have no authority and losing a lot when they would have generated quite some amount in revenues if they enrolled in the right platforms that will value their work and also pay well.

In this post, I am going to share with you 7 websites for freelance writing gigs

  1. Upwork

freelance writing gigsUpwork is another great platform that offers freelance writing jobs. It is very similar to freelancer but Upwork offers a wide range of jobs that can be done online. One major issue of concern is payment since you will not be paid well enough but you can still leverage on many opportunities available for you to make even more money with Upwork.

  1. Freelancer

freelance writing gigsFreelancer is an independent freelance job board that offers more than 100 distinctive accessible sorts of employments for freelance writers specialized in IT, composing, programming, design and much more.

If you are a good writer and believe that you have the required skills, Freelancer can help you discover unlimited opportunities. Freelancer is incredible for freelance writers to begin generating huge revenues. You can find tons of jobs that can sustain your life if you have what it takes as a writer.

  1. LinkedIn Pro-finder

freelance writing gigsThis is a good platform that uses LinkedIn social network to filter opportunities for people who are knowledgeable in various fields or looking to find employment opportunities. It also offers jobs such as editing, transcribing, translation, copywriting, content marketing strategy, blogging, technical writing and ghostwriting. If you are a freelance writer, this is a great platform to generate substantial income.

  1. Contentmart

freelance writing gigsContent mart is a very good platform that offers you opportunities such as outsourcing writing jobs as well as offering an opportunity to find writing jobs. Content mart has grown to become a global community that brings both clients and freelance writers in one place to conduct business. Contentmart allows a client to post an order, choose a writer and get your job done.

  1. Squidoo

freelance writing gigsThis is a great and powerful system that offers anyone without a blog or website to make money online.

In most cases, many freelance jobs require that you have a portfolio of your jobs somewhere but Squidoo allows you to make money online without such restriction. The only thing that matters is your expertise in a particular field. After you have great content you can monetize and make passive income out of your work.

  1. Constant Content

freelance writing gigsConstant Content is one of the debut article commercial centers for genuine independent freelance writing gigs to profit on the web. Since Constant-Content is so developed, freelancers can request top dollar for their articles where each article can raise more than $100 dollars.

It has a strict editorial team that values high quality jobs, the expansive commercial center and interest for writing makes this commercial center one of the best platforms that will make you earn more money online.

  1. Craigslist

freelance writing gigsCraigslist has been around for quite some time and you can find tons of jobs related to freelance writing gigs. However, one major disadvantage is that it mainly offers jobs for a specific locality but this does not mean you cannot find freelance gigs on blogging, writing articles as well as creating content for a particular website.