Many people probably do not realize how fast time really flies. Most of these people normally procrastinate about accomplishing a particular objective but eventually, time catches up with them and they gradually develop a habit of complaining about several things about their lives.

Nobody in this world can predict the future and this leaves mankind with only present time to accomplish certain tasks as one cannot influence what has already taken place in the past.

Many people spend their quality time complaining and discussing past events that will remain so forever.

steps to achieve goalsIt is human nature to hold on to past events which is very dangerous especially if you want to achieve goals. The simple ways to understand this is by taking a glass and fill it with water or anything else that can be put in a glass when the glass is full try to add some more and you will notice that the content in the glass will spill off.

What this implies is, you cannot hold on to something when your hand is already holding something else.

This is an example of laws of nature and how they reflect on our daily lives. We can take another example of a person in an intimate relationship to explain further.

It takes two to be in an intimate relationship and when one of the two willingly or unwillingly brings in a third person in the picture, it is bound to cause serious relationship issues many of us experience occasionally.

When you waste your present time complaining of goals and objective that you have not accomplished you are very likely to complain in the future because you wasted your past which is your present time. The reasoning behind this is when you complain you increase negative energy in your life and there is no way that you will become productive, successful and happy in life.

steps to achieve goalsThat moment you completely change your mindset and allow positivity in your life is when you will finally become productive and accomplish each and every goal you set for yourself. Perhaps the most disturbing question is how does one ensure that they live a positive life and become productive? Well, I will answer using our two examples on a cup and an intimate relationship.

To begin with, if your glass is full then you have the option to drink whatever is in the glass so that you create space for more. Let’s say our glass is full of mango juice and there is more in a bottle since our theme is productivity which in simpler terms means “To add”. The move here is to drink the juice and add some more from the bottle and by doing this you will have drunk more juice than if you continued pouring the whole bottle into a full glass which would spill off and the much you can drink is that only glass.

On the other hand, in an intimate relationship when one spouse becomes unfaithful the union is bound to break but if one value the relationship you are bound to get married and get children and eventually have a family which is the purpose of most relationship and this is the same concept that helps you become productive.

Below I am going to give you 6 steps to achieve goals and become productive always.

  1. Expressing Gratitude

Many people focus their energy on what they do not have or want to acquire at some point in life. While they do this, they tend to forget what they have accomplished which is important in determining steps to achieve goals in the future. Always appreciate what you have at any given moment because you owe it some investment that you made in the past. This works by always reminding yourself that you need to do something to get some specific results.

  1. Change your mindset

Everyone has his or her own understanding and way of doing things in life. If two individuals are presented with an idea one of them is likely to see the negative aspect while the other one might also see the same but can mitigate the risks and come with something positive about the idea.

You must learn to be open minded and welcome different perspective in order to open your mind to a world of possibilities.

In everything that we do here on earth comes at a risk, the difference between productive individuals and unproductive individuals is that productive people take risks but minimize them as efficient as possible to ensure they get something positive, unlike the unproductive person who will out rightly spot a risk and quickly conclude something to be impossible.

  1. Find solutions

steps to achieve goalsInstead of complaining about something, it is wise to try and come up with solutions. Look around yourself and you will notice everything from smartphone, clothing, shoes, toothbrush, spotlight and many other things are solutions to our problems in life and a creation by someone else.

That person who designed a car, house, toothbrush, and aircraft were finding a solution to a problem otherwise, they would be non-existent. The same way you have to ensure that you become a problem solver and you shall become productive eventually.

  1. Avoid negative people

There are people who you cannot tell something and they see a positive side. These kind of people are often miserable and highly unproductive. These people will sink your productive ship if they keep on dumping their negativity on you.

  1. Associate yourself with like-minded people

Surround yourself with people who matter to your objectives and goals in life. These are the kind of people who will add value to your life and make you prosper because you simply cannot become productive when you want to go somewhere and someone is pushing you in the opposite direction.

  1. Practice meditation & yoga

Yoga has been proven to be a positive way of life which help you relax your whole body and become free from stress, live a healthy life, increases positive attitudes, concentration as well as mental and physical abilities. On the other hand meditating helps you focus and have a clear path that will ultimately enable you  to achieve goals.