Every blogger and marketer want their content to rank first on Google. In as much as everyone would love to have their content on the first page, there will always be that blogger or marketer whose content will appear on the first page of Google.

How do these people manage to stay on top of the game amidst all the competition?

How to improve Google search rankingMany people seem to know the answer to this question and opt to take shortcuts. Ranking first on Google is very much possible even today but you have to take a big step and think outside the box.

The most common way to improve google search ranking has been the keyword manipulation concept.

It is very hard to try and compete with high-cost keywords such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and other multinational companies. These are well-established trademark and brands. Trying to incorporate some of these words to your article,  you have a very low probability of converting.

Therefore, it is going to be harder to rank first reason being someone already ranks in certain keywords. Alternatively, anyone can rank first on Google through various ways and the first common way that beats all the others hands down is the long-tailed keyword.

  1. Long-tailed keywords

Long-tailed keywords have a low cost and risk implying that there is always a high probability of conversion that will ensure your content is ranked among the top searched content on Google based on the keyword selection. The advantage of long-tailed keywords is that they are more descriptive in nature. Many of you have noticed that whenever you search a particular subject in Google search engine you are more likely to view a short description at the very top of your search.

This is possible because depending on the search initiated by a user, the algorithm used to crawl content will produce results based on the content that explains a particular subject in the first few paragraph. This means that one has to carefully conduct a research and play with a different combination of keywords to create a long-tailed keyword that is not competitive in order for one to have a chance to rank first on Google.

  1. Competition

How to improve Google search rankingCompetition is also an important factor to consider when you want your content to rank first on Google. Competition helps you to learn and become innovative to find something that works better.

Therefore, understanding the way your competitors are playing with certain keywords is crucial for your content to rank even higher in Google. There are many tools that can be used to evaluate competition on keywords search and the most common tool recommended by many influencers is SEOMOZ.com.

  1. User intent

User intent is also a good aspect to consider when deciding to use a particular keyword. The most appropriate way to explain this is by imagining what a user might be looking for and put yourself in his/her shoe and then determine the best way possible that is easy for a user to search for a specific product to browse or purchase.

Statistics has conclusively suggested in the past that most users get to websites and blogs through the search engine which goes further to imply that understanding a user’s perspective when searching for a commodity is important in assisting your content to rank first on Google search engine.

  1. Headlines

How to improve Google search rankingDeveloping rich keyword headlines is another important and basic concept that helps your content to rank first on Google. Since most of the keywords are already ranking high then it means that you have to carefully select a combination or variations of different headlines to find the best headline with low risk of conversion that will improve google search ranking.

One mistake that you should never do is to ignore the power that comes with mastering keywords, learning all about keywords has a potential to improve your business by over 50%. Most bloggers and marketers end up developing exceptional content but the problem comes when choosing the best keywords that will help their content rank first on Google to pull in traffic.

The mistake they do is selecting headlines and keywords that are highly competitive and offer little of no results to their final work. Improving your understanding of keywords is the best investment you can make to ensure that most of your content always ranks first on search engines.