Are you a content developer? How often during your career have you find yourself stuck staring at your PC for ideas to create content?

This has happened to me and many other successful bloggers because it is very common for a blogger and content developer to lack topical ideas to write about.

Content development processHowever, every problem brings forth an opportunity to learn and come up with a solution. The problem is not lack of creativity but just a problem that arises when you begin evaluating your performance and feel like you have been putting in too much work.

There are always plenty of ideas to write about and you do not have to republish outdated or content that you posted a few weeks back.

In order to ensure that you do not fall victim of your own mind, this article will help you with one secret that has been used by professional bloggers for many to develop consistent content that is detailed, informative and offers great value to your target market.

  1. Develop questions

Marketers develop content for a specific target market and promote the content to reach as many people as possible. So, the first thing is to understand is your target market and visualize the kind of questions that they will be looking for and write the questions down.

If this is difficult for you, do not worry since Serpstat comes in handy to help you develop such questions. In fact, Serpstat is an extraordinary tool that works by entering a keyword and the tool will return search queries. Since Serpstat is powered by Google suggest, the search queries that it returns are actually real questions that people search on Google.

  1. Come up with a list of your competitors

The second step requires you to list down your competitors with their level of experience in the specific topic. You are not limited to only your competitors as you can add experts and influencers who are specialized in certain fields depending on the questions that you want to attempt and create informative content for your readership.

  1. Interview experts or conduct a research

Content development processTwo options are available for you now that you have the list of questions and list of experts, influencers and competitors.

The first option is to send out interviews to the experts, influencers and competitors and then request to provide answers to the questions you have planned for them. This strategy normally takes close to 6 weeks for the interviews to be answered.

The second option requires that you carry out a research on your competition based on the questions that you selected and try to find out what they omitted and you would want to add so that new content will become more informative to your readership. This is the most important part of this procedure because it largely depends on how aggressive and motivated you are to ensure that you convince the experts and complete your research.

  1. Create a plan for developing content

After you have received feedback from your interviews or finished your research, the next thing is to create a plan for developing content based on the feedback you received as well as the research that you conducted. The order of priority in which you choose to write and edit post solely depends on you and what your blog is all about.

  1. Develop content

Content development processYou can now easily develop fresh content depending on the consistency that your blog publishes posts for your readership. The advantage of this process is that it allows you to schedule your posts up to a month or more depending on what you are blogging about.

With these five steps, you will never run out of ideas on what to write as the number of posts you will have to write depends on how good you are at ensuring that you follow these simple steps.