Before you begin to write a blog post, you often have an idea of what to write. That idea in most cases becomes your headline. This is because it is what you need to get the attention of your readership.

You could be ranking first on the search engine but you are not alone, there are several other blogs that rank on the first page of Google. As a matter of fact, readers will go for that headline that is very appealing and describes best their search queries.

Why is catchy headline important?  

Your catchy headline is the first and last place that determines whether readers will read your content or continue to browse through for the next best article with a catchy headline.

According to Copyblogger, it is estimated that 80% of the readers in your market niche will read your headline and only 20% will proceed to click the headline to find out what is in the content of your article or blog post.

With a compelling and striking content, readers will always be captivated to read your posts quite often which will increase the traffic of your site and help grow your blog.

How do you get your catchy headlines to be clicked by users?

catchy headlinesThe most common way for writing a compelling headline is the use of keywords.

Keywords are very helpful because they act as gateways to ranking your content at the top of any search engine.

You all know that the first page of Google search has a list of several blogs probably with a similar content as yours. This means that in almost all occasions, not all blogs that appear on the first page on any search engine are clickable.

After the results have been shown, the power shifts to you as a user and now you have to pick from the list of articles which headline strongly relates to the specific content that matches your search query.

In most cases, you find yourself in a dilemma not knowing what to choose and you end up clicking the first three of four posts to compare which one has detailed information that pertains to the material that you are searching. In this post, you will learn how to create catchy headlines that are clickable and rank first on Google.

  1. Listicles/data/statistics

Listicles for a long time has been the most common way used to come up with a headline for your post. An example of Listicles is ‘5 ways to get 100,000 visitors in a month’ such headlines often entice visitors to clicking your blog to find out how these 5 powerful ways can get traffic to your site.

Notice the headline has data and statistics too, therefore, a reader understands that by clicking your post he/she is going to learn 5 procedures that will bring 100, 000 visitors to their website. The main objective of this kind of post is to capture the attention of your readership and eventually get more clicks and shares that boost traffic and SEO.

  1. Use questions

catchy headlinesUsing questions in your blog headline helps to show your readership that you are aware of the problem they have and you are there to address the problem. An example of a headline with a question is ‘Are you looking to increase your blog’s traffic by 100,000 under one month?

This headline serves the same purpose as Listicle post which intrigues the reader to click the headline and discover the process that takes to increase blog traffic to 100,000 within a period of one month.

  1. Originality

Many times you will find that you are writing original but content that is already online posted by your competitor. You do not want to make a mistake of copying the headline of a competitor and assume that it will work for you too.

This is like digging your own grave in that particular market niche because your competitor’s headline is already indexed with the same keyword thus becoming hard for your content to convert however how well it is developed. Creativity is very important when you want to beat the competition and thus you have to develop original headline that will get your content noticed and not promoting your competitor.

  1. Use power words

catchy headlinesI have dedicated a post on power words in my last blog which explains how to use some of the powerful words that entice readers into taking action. Power words are common words that are used to emphasize a particular aspect depending on the content that is being developed.

Some of the power words include HOT, DRIVE, SUCCESS, EASY, EXCLUSIVE, EXTRAORDINARY, HOT AND BEST among many others. An example of the use of power words in a headline is ‘10 Exclusive ways to market a product’. This headline is intriguing because it entices the reader because of the use of the word EXCLUSIVE.

  1. Offer solutions

Most readers have an idea of what they are looking for whenever they search content on the internet. You as a content developer need to offer solutions to your readership problems right from the headline.

Your headline is supposed to add value to what the reader already knows. In this case, an example could be ‘5 ways to improve the performance of your videos’ Any reader would want to always be at the top of things which means that they have to constantly do research.

Let your blog be the one stop shop for other developers to learn trends in a specific market niche that will help solve problems for their readership depending on whichever niche you blog.