Content marketing has grown over the years to become the most common way to push leads as compared to traditional forms of marketing. Content marketing is also way cheaper than outdated forms of marketing.

The advantage of content marketing is that you can easily evaluate the performance by measuring the rate of return on investment and this is the reason why almost 90% of multinational organizations use content marketing to increase awareness as well as increase sales.

In this post, you will learn 20 ways to drive traffic and engagement with content marketing.

  1. Develop striking content that converts prospective buyers into consumers.
  2. Always use social platforms to increase visibility
  3. Learn to develop longer content to provide value to your readership.
  4. Guest blog for popular blogs within your market niche for authority and traffic.
  5. Create compelling and striking content that gets your posts clicked.
  6. Leverage the power of subscription for content marketing.
  7. Blog consistently to build a strong rapport with your readership.
  8. Take advantage of social sharing buttons on your blog to share your content widely.
  9. Always check for outdated content on your blog and update the information.
  10. Repost your old posts for traffic and reach new audience.
  11. Create a strategy to always promote your content effectively.
  12. Develop a content promotion calendar that helps you to check productivity.
  13. Create a plan for increasing traffic and stick to it.
  14. Maximize the power of influencers to market your content.
  15. Learn to create a series of post to increase traffic on your site.
  16. Create content to accomplish a specific purpose.
  17. Use the power of analytics to measure your performance and stick to what works for you.
  18. Incorporate both trending and fresh content on your blog.
  19. Visualize your content with videos, infographics, slide shares and statistics.
  20. Always think of the audience when developing content.

Follow these 20 actionable tips that will increase your traffic and grow your blog to new heights.

Feel free to also share with us in the comment section how some of these tips have worked for you in the past or ask questions on any tip that needs further clarification.