As a blogger or marketer, you are often asked to choose among several options that help you to build your search engine optimization effectively. Incorporating more than one method is always considered as a trial and error and therefore very little productivity is going to be accomplished.

This is often the case simply because of the time factor. For instance, it is often advisable to focus on social media for two hours rather than spending an hour on social media and another hour on link building to market your articles so that it brings in the organic traffic.

Importance of social media in SEOHowever, spending two hours on social media because it is the best method that works best for you increases your productivity tremendously.

In this day and age, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of social media in SEO marketing to improve your organic visits. While content marketing improves your search engine optimization for certain keywords that attract links to your site, social media uses the content to maximize the reach of your blog post. In this post, you will learn how social media plays a key role in search engine optimization and how it is an incredible source for organic traffic to your website.

The first step to take is to accurately fill in your personal profile the way you expect your readership or target market to identify and distinguish you among other marketers and bloggers.

Importance of social media in SEOThe important information that required on your social media channels includes your company name, a short description of what your company offers as well as contact information.

This information is very necessary because it can be indexed to increase awareness of your local ranking through third-party reviews. This information is then indexed by Google and this helps your social media profiles to increase the visibility of your business online.

Google uses relevance and authority to rank results of any search query which means that when a user is looking for specific information the results is based on the most relevant information on the web as well as the authority that information possesses. The relevance of content largely depends on how best the content answers a particular search query.

On the other hand, authority refers to how accurate and trustworthy is the source of information. Therefore, the higher the authority of a website pointing to your content the higher your content will rank on search engine. This is the same concept that social media uses to help improve your search engine optimization.

In social media, the concept works whereby your content is shared widely and as a result attracts authoritative inbound links which then improves your search engine optimization effectively.

Importance of social media in SEOThe importance of social media in SEO improves your search engine optimization and it will always increase the number of people who view your site immensely based on interest.

Depending on how good you are at creating new followers your content and links will always be shared to even a wider audience.

The audiences that view your content could be journalist, bloggers, editors and influencers. These are the people who have the potential to create links that point back to your content and increase the visibility of your blog to attract new visitors to your site.

Importance of social media in SEO increases visibility through shares and the more shares a content has the more authority it has and therefore likely to attract high-quality inbound links that bring organic traffic to your site.

Social media also has the power to increase marketing and publishing opportunities through influencers who can share your content to their sizable following.

Therefore, it is safe to say that social media can improve our search engine optimization but only if you will let it work for you. Planning a social media workflow is very essential in improving your organic traffic and all that you have to do is always ensure that your social network profiles are filled with accuracy, promote your content on social media to reach as many people as possible, leverage the power of social share buttons on your site to encourage sharing of your content and maximize the power of influencers and learn from their actions. With these few factors in consideration, you will increase organic traffic to your site the social media way.