Do you ask yourself why you are doing everything necessary but yet you are not getting any meaningful traffic to your website? Are you really doing everything that is required to get traffic flowing to your site each day?

If you are doing everything that is supposed to be done and you still have not seen any meaningful traffic, you are not doing everything that is required of you as a blogger or marketer.

SEO best practicesYou cannot move without making a step just like you cannot live without breathing or take a shower without undressing.

My point, there is always a process that has to be followed for one to get specific result.

A good example is how a baby is made. We all know what happens and it takes nine months of waiting but each day before the ninth month progress can be seen clearly. The same way applies to your blog, you cannot wake up today and grow your blog within a week, if you thought this was the case then am sorry to inform you that it will never work within a week but if you take your time to build your blog as you monitor the progress gradually then you may have a successful blog in the future.

Many bloggers start blogging and after the first month of posting consistent content, they quit and give an excuse that they put in a lot of work and it failed to work for them. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but a real business and for you to see meaningful results you have to put in work day in day out and eventually it will pay off.

SEO best practicesConduct research on the most successful blogs and find out how much effort they put in to accomplish what they have in the present. A good example of a blog that tells a story is ShoutMeLoud’s revenue statements.

That is all you need to understand that this is a journey and not a teleporting machine that will move you from point A to C without passing through B.

In this post, you will learn some of the most important aspects that go in to improve your SEO best practices for you to get meaningful results. If you are not doing any of the following ways to improve and grow your blog then you are doing it the wrong way and you should start embracing and abide by these simple and easy ways that will catapult your blog to success.

  1. Focus on a specific keyword

It is very important that you focus on a specific keyword that you want to use in your post. Keywords are very important for any blogger or marketer. You have to understand how a particular keyword can be used to help you rank higher in the search engine so that your content can have authority.

It is rather obvious that articles and posts that appear on the first page of Google have a higher authority in the search engine and this is because of the use of user intent keywords in the structure of the content itself.

  1. Research your competition

The next process requires you to carefully conduct a research on your competition for the keyword that you chose. For instance, if your keyword is ‘money list’ research by simply entering the keyword in the search engine and the first page of the results is your competition. You can then go through the articles and see what your competitors have written about the keyword.

While doing this, ask yourself what your competition is missing in their article and can you improve on what they have already done? This will help you in making the decision on what exactly you are going to write about based on the keyword research.

  1. Develop an outstanding content

Now that you have something to write about do further research so that you can develop an outstanding content that is aimed at beating the competition. Plan the flow of the articles so that it can easily be followed and understood clearly by your readership.

When writing your content, you have to focus on the introduction, body of the article and conclusion. In addition, you also have to ensure that the keyword you chose manifests throughout your blog. Using the keyword in your headline is very important; it can be used exactly as it is or incorporated with other words to make it appealing for your readers to click on it.

An example of a good headline is ’10 ways money list can grow your business’ unlike having ‘money list’ as your title  which is boring and will not make anyone to click on it because what they will ask is what on the money list? The first title answers this by explaining that it will help you grow your business and that is something most people would want to read about.

SEO best practicesYou also need to name the images that you choose to use along with your post. Google also indexes and ranks images based on alt text. In order to make this work for you, always ensure that you name your images using the keyword that you intend to write on, this way your content can easily be searched using the images and in the situation where the internet is slow the image name should appear similar to the keyword that you used and not some funny alt tag that is not even close to what you are writing about.

Ensure that the URL of the post contains the keyword which will help the search engines to understand what you are writing about.

  1. Insert internal links

It is important that you insert internal links to your articles that are related to the post to increase citation flow. This helps you to optimize your content and essentially improve your SEO best practices.

  1. Get inbound links

This is the most crucial aspect and it requires that you work with influencers and highly authoritative blogs to share your content as wide as possible as well as doing a guest post for the authoritative sites so that they link back to your website for visibility and increase organic traffic.