Content marketing has become one of the most tedious jobs as a result of increasing competition. Times have changed unlike in the past where a blogger or marketer would just curate content based on their understanding of the market trends. Recently, this has ceased to be the case and bloggers are required to carry out extensive research in order to compete favorably.

The advance of technology has led to the introduction of amazing tools that are readily available for bloggers to help facilitate a good research for content development. In this post, you are going to learn special tools that can improve your capacity to produce quality and relevant content always.

  1. Canva

Content toolsCanva is an image customization tool that offers you a variety of templates to assist you to customize images for your blog post. The content tool also allows you to upload your own image for customizing. This is a very special tool especially if you want to market your brand out there. Other tools that can help you to improve your images for your blog post include Pixabay,Stocksnap, rgbstock and Pixlr.

  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Content toolsThis content tool is quite simple to use and it only requires you to key in a keyword and it automatically suggests a headline based on your keyword. The content tool is very effective and helps marketers and bloggers to learn different aspects that go into finding a good headline for a specific topic. Try out this tool and you can learn so much about keyword and how to create powerful headlines that help market your content.

  1. Readability test tool

Content toolsThis tool is very similar to Hemingway app. These tools perform similar functions by checking your sentence construction, used of words, length and extent of complex words.

It also provided you with a percentage score of your article and this provides you with some insights on how your content will perform. Another tool that can help you check your content is Word2cleanHTML.

  1. TweakYourBIZ Title Generator

Content toolsThis content tool works using the same concept as the first two but it goes further to suggest multiple lists of ideas based on the topic of discussion. From the list of several ideas generated, you can choose a powerful headline to match your content.

  1. Hubspot’s blog topic generator

Content toolsMost bloggers have ideas about what topic to research and develop content yet getting started with the right blog topic idea is sometimes difficult and this is where Hubspot blog topic generator comes to your rescue. The content tool uses an algorithm that crawls thousands of successful Hubspot’s own successful blogs to help you generate simple ideas by entering topics and the tool will produce samples of headlines that closely relate to your topic. This is a good tool to start customizing your headlines that match your incredible content.

  1. Content discovery tool

Content toolsThis content tool is unique and uses an algorithm that pulls trending articles and posts from the internet. With a list of the trending articles, one can customize content based on this information to develop content that offers more value having understood what the competition is doing.

  1. Buzzsumo

Content toolsBuzzsumo is an exceptional tool that works by entering a keyword and the tool produces a list of the most shared content based on the topic entered. The tool has additional features that help you look for the most shared content in the past week, month or year. It also allows you to see the topics that are trending which can provide you with ideas on how to develop great content. The content tool is free and one can search five topics in a day for free but if you are looking to use it more, you can pay for the pro version that offers you additional features.

  1. Sharethrough Headline analyzer

Content toolsThis content tool is very similar to coshedule and has additional features for optimizing your headline. Incorporating both tools can help you do further analysis especially on the emotional aspect of your title.

  1. Zen cast

Content toolsRecently, I wrote a blog post about capitalizing on daily habits for better content creation and I mentioned that listening to music can help you improve your productivity. Zen cast uses this principle to customize nature sound. This content tool is meant to assist you to focus by allowing you to choose a sound that simulates you to develop content such as seashore, under a waterfall, in the rain, insects, and birds and many other sounds that can get you relaxed and perform better. Other tools that help you focus include Freedom, focus writer and stay focused.

  1. Coschedule headline analyzer

Content toolsThis is one of the most effective tools that help you to optimize your titles. All you need to do is to enter your title and the tool analyzes many aspects and produces a score and informative content that help you improve your title creation. Check out the tool to learn more about optimizing your headlines to capture the attention of 20% which is the number of people who actually click on headlines on the web.