Social media marketing trends in 2016 had enormous implication on the way marketer’s, bloggers and online entrepreneurs conducted their marketing. With the advance in technology, we continue to live in fast growing world which implies that there is increased competition among small business that result in new and sophisticated ways of improving productivity.

Content marketing in the past involved applying simple tactics to your blogs’ content so that it could rank high on search engines. Today, the techniques that were effective in growing organic traffic in the past are not as effective like in the old days.

This is because we live in a fast growing global village; new techniques have been developed to perform the same job as in the past but in the most efficient way to increase production.

For instance, Social media marketing trends has helped many marketers to get their content to be visible to as many people as possible through the power of social networking sharing buttons.

When content is shared on social networking sites, it improves the SEO of your content by endorsing your blog content to other readers. The links that point back to your content show that your blog has credibility and therefore your content is ranked high on search engines.

Social media marketing trendsLive streaming video has continued to revolutionize the way content marketing is conducted by professional marketers across the world.

With the introduction of social networking sites that allow people to share videos, marketers can now develop video content easily and upload without having problems of customizing like it was in the past.

Live video streaming for content marketing has shown great potential and new platforms have been developed such as Facebook live streaming, Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram.

Live streaming videos educate readership and engage the audience with instantaneous feedback. If you are a marketer, blogger or social entrepreneur, incorporating videos in your content will help your content perform better among your competition.

Marketers need to develop content that is engaging to the readership of a particular site. However, the process of developing an engaging content is not just enough and as a result Chatbots have become increasingly useful and very essential for any marketer who wants to improve real-time engagement with their target market.

To content marketers, reinventing tactics is something that happens quite often and in order to maximize the potential of a new feature it is important that marketers remain on top of the game by following the latest news and trends on social platforms that may have a huge impact in the modern ways of promoting content in the internet.

Social media marketing trends

Social media influencers have grown to become a link between marketers and consumers. Social media influencers have developed their content in specific niches which attract a specific target market.

This has resulted to brand paying social media influencers to promote brand to their loyal following. The impact of social media influencers to marketers cannot be ignored and any marketer or online entrepreneur who fails to see the benefits of social media influencers, is doomed to fail in the future.

Social media marketing trendsThe whole idea of social enterprises is based on trust which implies that you need to offer your readership exactly what you have tried or using and has potential to add value to your readership.

Marketers need to learn that the business is not to increase sales just for the sake of it but offer solutions that solve real problems that exist in various specific target niches.

As personalization and relevant content becomes a priority. The need for advertising delivery increases which implies that marketers who choose their target market with focus are going to re-target advertising to consumers which offers bloggers, marketers, influencers and social entrepreneur’s opportunity to grow their online businesses.

Marketers, bloggers and social entrepreneurs must apply trending techniques of increasing the performance at present time and not in the near future this is because times are changing very fast because of the technology that is available in the modern day.

Therefore, social entrepreneurs and marketers need to adapt in 2017 or perish with traditional forms of marketing that are ineffective to compete among the professionals who do not take anything for granted and are willing to maximize on what works for them best for maximum returns.