There are two crucial aspects that every marketer and bloggers should consider when thinking about search engine optimization. These two factors include On-Page factors and Off-Page factors

 Google ranking factorsON-PAGE FACTORS

On- the-Page includes factors that are in direct control of the publisher, blogger or any other social entrepreneur.

These factors which are in direct control of the publisher are further categorized in to three groups CONTENT, ARCHITECTURE, and HTML


QUALITY – Ask yourself whether you have substantial high-quality content and are all your pages well written?

RESEARCHHave you researched your target market and understand the keywords that your readership might use to find your content on the web?

KEYWORDS – Do keywords manifest throughout your content?

FRESH – Are you making sure that you are always opening shop by posting fresh and consistent content?

ADDS VALUEIs your blog offering solutions to real problems in your target market?

INFORMATIVE – Are you ensuring that you are providing all the necessary information and referring them to find more information on another credible source?


CRAWL – Have you made it easy for the search engine to crawl your content for some specific content?

ACCESSIBLE – Is your site accessible on smartphones, desktops and other devices?

SPEED – Does your site load quickly when retrieving information?

URL’S – Do URL’s contain keywords that point to content on other sites?

HTTPS – Does your site have HTTPS for allowing secure connection for your visitors?

Google ranking factorsHTML

TITLES – Do HTML title tags contain keywords that describe the content from the topic?

DESCRIPTION – Have you ensured that you have meta tags that describe the content on your pages?

STRUCTURE – Can the reader systematically follow the main points and the flow of information on your content?

Headers – Have you made sure that our headlines and subheadings use tags with relevant keywords?


Off-The-Page factors are categorized into TRUST, LINKS, PERSONAL and SOCIAL


AUTHORITY – Do links, sharing and other factors make your site to have authority?

ENGAGE – Do Visitors spend some time on your blog or comment often on your blog?

HISTORY – For how long has your domain name been around?

IDENTITY – Do users have means verify identity and that of the authors also?

PRIVACY – Are you using platforms that guarantee the readership privacy of their use on your website?

ADS – Is your blog distracting users of your site from reading the important content?


QUALITY – Have you created authoritative links that link back to your content?

TEXT – Do the text linking to other pages point the exact information that is being put across?

NUMBER – How many inbound links have you created that point back to your content?

PAID – Do you use paid approach to increase your inbound links?

Google ranking factorsPersonal

COUNTRY – What country is your target market and where are you located.

LOCALITY – Which city do you live or located?

HISTORY- Who visits your site frequently?

Social – Is your content being shared with influencers?


REPUTATION – Do you have a good reputation with your readership that will make influencers share your content?

SHARES- Is your content being shared across all social networks.