How badly do you want success? Most of us want success almost instant but they say before you play a game you have to know the rules of the game. Success is just like any other game where the objective is only to win. Like any other game, rules play a major role in determining the outcome of any game. Winning requires that you understand the rules for you to easily manipulate to your advantage. For you to trade, you have to be in the market and not anywhere else. The rules of becoming successful are not any different since all one has to do is to do all that it takes without assuming that things will just happen on their own.

becoming-successfulIn this post, we are going to learn the rules of becoming successful as a social entrepreneur but before we learn what it takes to be successful, I would like to give you a special concept that will help you relate to what we will be discussing today. Here it goes; one man approached a very influential and successful personality and wanted to know what it takes to become successful, the influential individual looked at the man for a while and asked him how badly he wanted to become successful. The guy answered that he wanted success so badly that he would do anything to become successful.

The successful man then took the man to close by a swimming pool and told him that he was going to hold him under water for some time. The man agreed and the successful man held his head under water for some time and the man started losing breath and was forced to come out. The successful man asked the man why he came up and he answered that he could not breathe then the successful man told him that he had the answer on how to become successful.

Anyone in the position of the man would not last long underwater since you will lack oxygen to breathe. The lesson learned here is that you will always do anything to stay alive and that is why everyone would come out of the water in order to breath. If you are an entrepreneur or any other person who wants to accomplish some goal, the first rule of success is to always be ready to do what it takes.

A very simple logic is if you want to be a millionaire, do what the millionaires do. Many successful bloggers and marketers out there have documented their blogging journey and the most common attribute among them is that they put in so much for a period of time to get where they are today. There is no other way to make it and if you are thinking of discovering some form of a secret that will make you get to where they are without any hustle then do not ever wake up.

You should keep on dreaming because when you wake up it will down on you that you are still in the same situation that you were yesterday and this is the reason as to why many bloggers quit blogging after trying for some time. Becoming successful is very easy and anyone can become successful that is why there are so many successful people out there who have become successful and as they say, there is always room at the top. Celebrities, Politician, Businessmen and women all put in an effort to get where they are and it not just by sheer luck. They manage their time efficiently in order to ensure that they remain highly productive at all times.

There is no way you could be the same as someone who spends ten hours a day learning music while you spend thirty minutes and the waste all the day catching up with friends. All you will be investing is catching up with friends which you will have experience but lack the experience of becoming a better musician. You should cease from procrastinating and become a doer, you could start by writing down a plan of the steps that you want to take and then break them down to the specific details that you want to take.

For instance, if you want to blog consistently for a month then it means you must have 30 topics to write about and each topic has to have detailed and informative information for your readers which implies that you will need to do research on the topics. You will also need to create time to write and edit the content for publishing. Breaking down your schedule plan like this helps you understand the bigger picture of that which you want to accomplish. Having the right plan and motivation to see through your objectives and goals will turn you into a winner and for sure you will begin to see the fruits of your labor which is the success.

Success meets up with people who are on a journey to an uncertain destination and not those who want to travel but never want to start the journey. Everyone makes choices and it is your choice to succeed or fail.