When a marketer, blogger or social entrepreneur is starting off, there are normally several aspects that need to be considered just for the purpose of ensuring that they continue to stay on the right track towards success.

The main issue of concern is that you need to get the returns on investment within the shortest time.

Brand awareness strategyUnfortunately, many think that shortest time possible means that they will start earning money the first month, the second or even a year.

When this does not happen, they quit and take on another passion, interest or hustle.

Realizing your goals as a marketer, you need to come up with a strategy that ensures that you create time, set funds aside and maximize your resources if you want to accomplish your goals in the shortest time.

There are several factors that play a significant role in determining the amount of time, money and resources that you are going to put aside for your business to grow. These factors include

Target market

The target market you choose will eventually determine the amount of money that you are going to invest in your marketing strategy. One will spend more money to market their content in crowded niches than less crowded niches.

The reason behind this is because there is bound to be a greater demand of information in a new developed niche rather than a developed one.

Brand awareness strategyCompetition

You have to consider the level of competition in your target market. Target markets that are normally crowded have more competition therefore a blogger or marketer should work very hard to ensure that they stay ahead of their competition always. Less crowded target market have less competition thus easy to break even.


As a content developer you need to prioritize your resources to be in line with your objectives. For some marketers, getting more traffic is a priority as compared to others whose objective is conversions from the traffic they are already getting.


Planning is another crucial aspect that will determine how much resources you will put on your blog to break even. Those who put in so much in their planning always determine the productivity of their efforts through measuring the returns on investment.

Failing to plan essentially means that there are no objectives to accomplish therefore no work to conduct in order to grow a blog. The effort you put in a blog or developing content should be easily measured for the purpose of decision making.

These factors will determine how much time, money and resources you are going to invest as a marketer.

What consumes the investment?

There are various aspects that a blogger has to ensure that they carry out in order to qualify being called a blogger. This is where a blogger will directly or indirectly invest their time, money and resources to grow their blogs. Some of these channels include:

Content developing

Content developing involves coming up with the content of what is to be published on your blogs for the purpose of attracting readers to your site. The content can be in form of text, images, videos, podcasts or live streaming tutorial. The content created can increase visibility, promote a brand and boost conversion. A blogger must decide how much time, money and resources they will put towards content creation.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Brand awareness strategySearch engine optimization includes a series of activities that are directly in control of the publisher and those that are in control of readers, visitors, other publishers and influencers.

These activities play a great role in helping the search engine identify your content in terms of structure and authority so that your content can rank higher on search engine. I recommend that you hire a professional for this purpose but if you have a strong grasp in how SEO works the better off you are and you will minimize your time, resources and money.

Social Media

Today, the social networks have become increasingly important with the rise of influencers who play a major role in determining the authority of your site by measuring how much your content is valuable through shares.

These social networks offer great opportunity for content developers to build trusted and respected brands as well as gaining new followers and audience for your target market. Social networks do not require one to be a tech savvy and anyone can get stated quite easily.

With special consideration on the above factors a content developer is able to make pertinent decisions that will revolutionize content marketing strategies and generally improve the productivity of your blog.