The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and marketers need to always be on the forefront in accessing such information as it is very important in facilitating decision making so that one can be able to compete favorably.

Initially, marketers used to focus on the business to business while some focused on business to customers. In the recent past, business to customers has become a dominant part of every marketer’ strategy to ensure they continue to remain relevant in the fast changing world.

Big data marketing examplesIn order for a marketer to stay ahead of things, there are several factors that a blogger or marketer has to focus on to ensure that they make better decision making that would transform the way they do business and ensure they accomplish their objectives.

In this post, you will learn some of the important statistics that will change the way you have been doing things and put you back on the right path to success.

Why statistics? Think of walking through a minefield full of explosive planted and that you only have to pass through to get to wherever you are going. Nobody in their right mind would want to walk in a minefield knowing that they might die anytime.

However, the best approach to passing through the minefield is to know exactly the position where the mines are planted by any means necessary and available at that particular time.

Likewise, your site is you and the minefield is the competition. To beat the competition you have to know what exactly they are doing and this is why research becomes an integral part of every marketer who is planning to accomplish their goals.

You do not have to walk on a minefield when you can maneuver through with very minimal and calculated risk.

Did you know that 46% of small businesses do not have a website? And out of the remaining 54%, 68% have a mobile-friendly website. 23% do not have a mobile-friendly website and 9% are unsure whether their website is mobile friendly.

This web and mobile statistics means that there is only a small percentage have websites and that the competition is relatively small. But this is not always the case because the small percentage that has website is enough to smash you out of the business.

Therefore, as new users of the internet continue to increase year in year out competition is bound to also increase and this means that you should always work harder to ensure that you are guaranteed growth in the future otherwise you may end up being washed away when the sleeping dogs are awake which is the percentage that has not already tapped into digitizing their businesses.

Are you looking to monetize your site anytime in the future?  If this is true for you, then you should know that there has been an increase of 20.4% from 2014 which translates to 59.6 billion dollars in internet advertisement revenues for the year 2015.

This implies that every social entrepreneur is already looking to establish their business online and this means that there will be an increase in competition in the near future. The only time available for you to break even in the online world depends on the effort that you are putting towards realizing your objectives.

Big data marketing examples50% of US small businesses do not invest in SEO lowering their chances of gaining huge traffic that increases their brand visibility.

This statistics offers marketers opportunity for investing in SEO in order to beat the competition.

Did you know that there were 10.4 billion search queries that were processed by Google in the month of April?

This implies that people are looking for tons of information that may or may not be available online. Marketers need to use Analytics to find the exact search queries so that they can have a picture of what a particular target market is looking for and be able to deliver needed solutions. This should give you an edge over your competitor and you will have accomplished your goals as a blogger or content developer.

60 % of small businesses are considering implementing search engine optimization by 2017 or later this implies that there is going to be stiff competition and it will depend on how effective your strategies are against your competition.

Facebook has the highest number of users with 1 billion users interacting through their Facebook accounts on a daily basis which means that Facebook has the potential to increase engagement and traffic over other social media sites. However, different people have different social media strategy depending on what works best.

79% of small business owners use social media channels to connect with their customers which implies social networking sites are very important in getting customer feedback for purposes enhancing customer service delivery.

It is estimated that there will be 2.72 billion social media users by 2019 this implies there is still huge potential to be tapped and the more effort you are going to put the more the benefits you are going to reap out of your social entrepreneurship career.

Big data marketing examplesOut of the 59.6 billion dollars spent online in advertisements in the year 2015, Mobile ads command a larger market share with 35% of the total revenue on advertisements.

It is followed by the search engine by 34%, banner ads come in the third position with 13% followed by video, classifieds, lead generation, rich media and sponsorship in that order.

76% of users use their smartphones to search the internet and 28% of these users end up in making successful purchases. What this implies to marketers is that mobile advertisement has a higher rate of conversion as compared to say PC advertisement. With this information, you can customize your paid ads through Facebook to target specifically mobile users and you are likely to get high returns as compared to someone who does not have the data to work on.

Having statistics is not important but knowing what to do with a particular data is important in determining the decisions that you will make.