There is significant traffic out there for most niches you decide to focus on. One major underlying factor is whether your blog or site is doing anything at all to drive traffic to your site. For your blog to be as competitive among other key players in your niche, it has to be able to command a substantial amount of traffic.

However, most of the blogs out there fail to reach the people they are meant to reach. There are a number of key factors that determine the number of visitors that visit a particular blog or site.

Inbound links

How to increase organic trafficOne factor is Inbound links to a particular site or content in a site. Inbound links are very authoritative and the higher the number of inbound links pointing to your site the higher your site is going to rank and the more traffic you are going to receive.

You can analyze your content by use of the URL/permalink to know how many inbound links your site has. For instance, Open site explorer is among the best tools that help you to analyze the number of inbound links.

The advantage of this tool is that it will also check your competitor’s inbound links which are essential in determining the level of competition you are facing to facilitate easy decision making. Inbound links can be created through hiring people and if you are a tech savvy you can also build your inbound links although this process takes a lot of time, it’s quite effective in driving traffic to a particular site.

One can also use social media influencers to market their content to their huge followings. Other methods include guest posting and blog commenting which I have illustrated before in my earlier blogs.

Quality content

The quality of content matters a lot in helping your blog reach as many people as possible. The quality of the content is dependent on various aspects of SEO such as length, keyword distribution and systematic flow of content, structure and general appearance.

Your content has to be able to fulfill all these aspects to smash the competition and help your content rank high in the search engine. As a blogger, you need to curate content that speaks to your readership.

By this, I mean that your content should be able to answer real problems that real people have. From the title of the content, a reader should be able to understand what is described in your content.

Another variable to consider is the length of your blog. Length matters because Google’s algorithm focused on content is structured to rank lengthy content for purposes of providing informative ideas to their users.

With this knowledge, you should be able to write longer content although the length is often relative content that are above 800 words tend to work well than shorter content. On the other hand, lengthy content does not mean that you write extra words just to fill the space.

One way to ensure that you write informative content is to conduct a good research on a particular subject that will give you more relevant and informative content to write on.

Email subscribers

Subscribers are the most important people in your site. Enabling a subscription widget is even more important because without it you do not have a mailing list. How is an email list important? To begin with, an email list is important because it provides you with a list of people who are benefiting from your blog.

Whenever you publish content, the people who are subscribed to your blog receive the content first which means that they are more likely to read the content than users from other channels. The subscribers will always return to your site for more content because it offers them value depending on various niches that you are blogging about.

Trending content

How to increase organic traffic Every blogger and marketer should make trending topics their friend because there is a reason as to why a content can go viral and such content draws mixed reactions that then sparks engagement and  content is pushed to as many people as possible.

In many occasions, you are often advised to come up with quality unique content. This does not mean that you completely disregard trending topics for fresh content, there is a lot of easy traffic that can tap through writing about trending topics in your niche.

For instance, in 2016 and 2017 blogging trends suggest that video content is receiving much attention and content developers are now creating exceptional content on video platforms and tools to use in order to optimize videos for boosting traffic. Find out what is trending in your target market and capitalize on it to increase your traffic to a whole new level.

How to increase organic traffic Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is very crucial for your site to increase the amount of traffic it receives. SEO is categorized into two parts; on – page SEO and off – page SEO.

On the page SEO are factors that are directly in control of the publisher of blogger. On the other hand, off-page SEO involves those aspects that help your blog but are in control of other marketers, influencers and users of your site.

SEO can be very difficult especially if you are starting off as a blogger. If this is your case you should learn from my past articles on what is SEO and how to optimize your content to boost traffic on your site.

You can always hire an expert to conduct  SEO analysis of your blog or site in order to advise you on the necessary steps that you should take to improve your SEO to increase the number of the traffic coming to your site.

Every marketer and blogger should consider these five steps. However, implementation of these principles matter because some like SEO and creating inbound take some time to kick in but when done properly these principles have the power to drive thousands of visitors to your blog or site not just once but over a long time.

Note: These are not one time strategies but a continuous process that guarantees you substantial traffic to your site.