Social proof is the best tool to use for driving customers towards a conversion of any kind. You could be looking for sign ups, email subscribers, followers and visitors to purchase your products. Whatever the intention you have to drive these visitors to your site social proof is a proven criterion that has been used by many successful marketers to rank their sites first for huge traffic.

How does social proof work?

Social proof works by convincing your readership that your content has inspired or added value to the people who have tried your products. The benefits that other people are getting from your site is what new visitors will want to see and also take advantage of the value that your blog offers. Wikipedia defines social proof as an informational social influence which is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

So how do you use social proof to attract visitors to your site?

The information that is meant to have a social influence on a particular reader has to have some form of evidence in order to convince the new visitor. Therefore, there are several ways through which one can convince the readership that indeed there is potential in the products that you are promoting.

Email subscribers

If you are a blogger and you are looking to create a sales funnel for marketing your products on the internet. One of the basic things to have is an email subscription list which some of the marketing experts refer as the “money list”. This list is not only important for publishing content but also a list of your prospective customers. In order to attract more people, you need to convince them that others have already subscribed to your blog and are enjoying receiving your content because it adds value to them. For this purpose, one can use a widget on their blog that says join 100,000 other readers. This information is convincing because it expresses the true status of events and a visitor will be interested in subscribing.


A review is also a powerful tool that can be used as a form of social proof. This is the reason why e-commerce sites always use this function to attract prospective customers to a specific product. A product that has more positive reviews will attract more prospective customers than a product with less positive reviews or none at all.


Logos can change the perception of your business and increase your traffic overnight. A logo possesses the ability to change the direction of a company for instance. On Neil Patel’s blog, there is a bar that shows the company he has worked with and endorsed his work. When people see this kind of information which is very true and can be validated they tend to rely on you for credible content now that they have developed an attachment and trust in you because you offer them with informative content that is of value. Mention the influential people along with your content and you shall definitely increase your traffic.


Content that is often shared on a social platform and on blogs for different purposes. Information can trend because it is of various nature. For instance, content can be shared because it’s trending and it could be trending because it is entertaining, disgusting, surprising, shocking, exclusive secret or anything that adds value to the target market who relate to the content. Social media platform offers marketers the opportunity to take advantage of these platform by making their content visible to as many people as possible so that it can increase the chances of being seen.

When a content is shared widely on the social platform it creates inbound links  to your content and the people who will visit your site after is because someone else pointed them to your site and that makes social media platform shares social proof of credibility and reliability and visitors will become loyal and show commitment to your site.


How interactive a site determines the number of visitors to your site. One way to measure interactivity is through comments on your blog. Whenever new readers come to your content and find an extensive conversation that is conclusive and by conclusive I mean people can proof your content by agreeing with what you are saying and when they are not satisfied they will ask questions in the comment section which your blog should answer the reader’s satisfaction.

With these few relations, social proof plays an important role in increasing awareness as trustworthy to a particular blog that builds credibility and your site begins to get substantial traffic.