How to create backlinkA Backlink is a link on another site that points back to your content, article or site. By pointing, I mean it redirects a user browsing another site to your site. For instance, you own a website let’s call this website A and you have other websites which are not necessarily yours but belonging to other bloggers or content marketers which we will refer to as website B and C.

If website A has an article on “tips to become a better blogger” and let’s say website B and C have similar articles let’s say “10 ways to improve your blogging career” and “become a better blogger with 5 proven ways” respectively then a Backlink will be links placed in article B and article C that points back to article A.

The purpose of this Backlink in article B and C is to redirect a user reading content in B and C for a detailed information or something that was not included in article B and C but exists in article A.

What does a Backlink do?

Backlinks are important because they give authority to a particular site or article on a particular post. Let’s use an example for purpose of improving our understanding of what Backlinks do.

If you are in a classroom and you decide to do a silly prank on your teacher by applying glue on the chair so that when the teacher sits he/she will get stuck in her chair. Let us also assume most students saw you doing it, when the students are questioned on who did the prank they will all say it is you and the teacher will punish you for your actions.

Now back to Backlinks, Backlinks act like the students who saw you applying the glue and the search engine is the teacher but instead of punishing you the search engine will expose your content to unlimited traffic you because pointing back to your content means it offers value for users which is essentially the business that Google does. However, not all Backlinks will improve your search rankings as there are poor Backlinks that will harm your site in the long run.

How to create backlinksWhat is a quality Backlink?

In order to understand what a quality Backlink is, there are several factors that we will have to consider which include relevancy and similar niche, quality content, and domain authority.

Relevancy and similar niche

A Backlink is considered quality when it is relevant to the content that is linked to. For instance, if your site is about blogging tips and has Backlinks from two sites where one is also about blogging and the other is about automotive then the Backlink from the site that is about blogging is relevant to your site and therefore is of high quality rather than a Backlink from automotive industry which is considered as poor Backlink. Therefore, when acquiring Backlinks you should consider quality instead of quality to make the most out of quality Backlinks.

Quality content

Google and other search engine has the interest of their users at heart and will always want their users to have a nice experience while browsing for information on the web. For this reason, quality content plays a significant role in determining the quality of a Backlink.

A good and quality Backlink is one that comes from a site that has great content. If you have Backlinks that come from poorly constructed content then those Backlinks are considered poor and of low quality. Getting Backlinks from established and professional sites will earn you quality Backlinks unlike Backlinks shopped from a quack masquerading as a SEO expert who will spam your site with poor Backlinks.

Domain authority

Domain authority refers to credibility and trust that a particular site has compared to others. Most web 2.0 have very low domain authority although am not suggesting that they do not work because they can be quite effective when they are developed with someone who knows what they are doing.

However, the most common domain authority sites are from well-known and established sites like Amazon, Apple, Huffington post, New York Times and Forbes among other well-established blogs. Backlinks from such sites are goldmines and have a huge impact on the sites that are lucky to get a Backlink from them. These sites have built credibility and trust with their users for quite some time and if you learn how to leverage to get a link from this site then you will be on the right path to success.